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Found 4 results

  1. brickintubesock

    Bolt Cutters? Hacksaw?

    Hi guys and gals. I've been wondering if it would be a good idea to carry bolt cutters or maybe a hacksaw in my BOB. I'm not a thief, but if a bolt or lock stands between me and living longer, it's history. I carry a crowbar, but that won't work unless the lock is stronger than what it's locking. I've heard of the folding bolt cutters, but that's a lot of weight, size, and money that I could use for other things. Do you guys think a bolt cutter or a hack saw would be that important? Or should my crowbar be able to get me by? Any other gear I should check out?
  2. DC Matt

    Hand Tools for SHTF

    I'm looking to pick up some hand tools for general use, but also for SHTF. I have the standard tool box (hammer, few screwdrivers, pliers, etc) for a small condo dweller. In addition, I have a few battery operated power tools (drill, circular saw, dremel, etc). However, I know I need to add to my hand tools for when we live the city and can get a bigger place, as well as, for SHTF. So my question to you, what would be on your list of must have hand tools?
  3. SurvivalCache

    Vendors post here

    If you have a great product you'd like us all to know about, store that would be a great resource to all the survivalists and preppers out there or any other type of service (survival school, etc.) be sure to let us know here. If you'd like to submit anything for us to review on this forum or the main site drop us an email at and we'll see what we can do about getting something written up. Also, if you are interested in advertising on the forums (we are still not advertising on the main site only on the forums) please let the moderator (me) know via an email through the SurvivalCache contact on these forums and we'll see about getting you set up with a banner and link. Thanks!
  4. TheDefaultHuman

    Traps, Tricks, and Tools

    For small, interesting traps/tricks that will help in survival. This thread is mostly for traps, interesting techniques related to traps, helpful tools to set traps, and basically just a list of traps, feel free to post them wherever if you'd like. Here's a form you can use if desired: ~~~~~~Trap, Tricks, and Tools~~~~~~ Name (if any): Trap type: Materials/Bait: Prey: Cost: Time to set up: Time to wait for a catch: Difficulty: How to set it up/details: --------------------------------- Name (if any): I call it, The Predator Trap Type: Net/Technique Materials/Bait: A small net, any meat, rocks, optional- a stool to sit on, goggles. Prey: Smaller Fish, Minnow, Bluegill Cost: $0-$5 Time to set up: 10 Minutes Time to wait for a catch: Hands on, 5-120 minutes. Difficulty: 3/10 Easy How to set it up/details: This one is partially a trap, partially hands on fishing, what you do is get all of the materials. Then put some meat in the net, in little pieces, put some rocks in the bottom of the net. Submerge it in water and wait for small fish to go near it. The key here is too be patient, the fish will actually swim into your net. Why do they do this? I like to think of it similar to bidding at an auction, they see all this action and one foolish person gets caught up in the moment and makes the wrong move. Well the fish see the food getting eaten up outside of the net so they rush for the food inside of the net without thinking, and BAM, you quickly bring the net upwards out of the water and close it. You'll either see a fish or you wont, but I've caught 30 fish in 2 hours doing this, and one time I got 5 in one grab! You want the net aiming diagonal to the surface of the water (up and pointing away from you). Lead a trail of bait (lunch meat, cat food, cheese, even bubblegum sometimes!) from the outside of the net to inside it. It takes a while to get the hang of it but man is it effective. You can put rocks in the bottom of the net to make it stay where you want it. You can do this in the middle of the water if you have goggles, (its really hard, but possible, to do it without goggles when the water is up to your chest) or at the shore crouching down (or sitting on a stool), the whole time you want to remain very still, no sudden movements. I first did this when I was 14 and it took be about an hour to actually catch one, the key is patience, but that does not mean lose all your bait and the fish get away. Bluegill eat anything, I caught them with loogies (gross right?) I let them go after but still. I've seen beginners catch fish in 5 minutes doing this with proper instruction. Good luck trying it, this is to catch small fish, not big game, but you never know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to post your own or rate mine!