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Found 10 results

  1. Guest


    My background is almost 20 years of U.S. government service doing everything from leading small teams deep in enemy held territory to helping businesses and facilities protect themselves from natural and manmade disasters in major U.S. cities. I don't have all the answers but I have a good basic fundamental foundation and can hopefully at least help point you in the right direction. I also realize that there are some really amazing folks that are readers of the Survival Cache website and have a wealth of knowledge. Between me and the other 200K + readers and contributors I'm sure we can figure out some interesting questions or just have some great discussions about pretty much anything survival related that may of interest. I'm really looking forward to seeing where we end up going with our discussions!
  2. SurvivalCache

    Article Ideas

    What would be of interest to you? What would you like to see written about on the site? Let us know and give us some ammunition and hopefully someone will be able to help you address it and we can share what we find with everyone!
  3. SurvivalCache

    Google Public Alerts

    Good Resource to Reference...
  4. SurvivalCache

    Survival Cache Forums on your "smartphone"

    With the new software upgrade we are running optimized on smartphones/mobile platforms now too. You can set the page on your phone to be an icon and when you click it's like an SC forums app!
  5. This is a good place for you all to let us know what you like, don't like or would like to share with us about how we are doing or could do things better to make these forums a better experience for you. It's also a great place to let other people know what's going on in the survival and prepper world that we may not already know i.e. the Self Reliance Expo coming up in Denver this September 16-18 (We're planning on being there!) We will do all we can within the limits of our technical expertise, time and finances to provide a great experience and interface. Ultimately this is our community (which means your community) and depends on everyone's input and participation to make it a hub for information and sharing. Thanks to everyone for making Survival Cache a great place on the web to meet and discuss important issues related to survival!
  6. Thanks to sailorman2010 at Northwest Firearms forums for the following post I borrowed, I thought it would be a good starting place for this thread to get folks thoughts on this. The original link is here: "What would you stash in your survival cache?" "Hello. I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the long weekend and turkey day. I've been thinking about a buried survival cache for the last six months. I want to get feedback from people that have done it themselves-buried weapons, clothes, storage food, etc? I would also like to know what kind/type of containers people used-PVC pipe? Hard case? Barrels? Also, I know locating and environment is factor when burring a cache. A person would want to locate in a place where it wouldn't be easily found by others, but would be easy to find for them when returning to it. Nor, put it in a place where it would be sitting in the water table for six months of the year (unless you took pre-cautions for this) or about to be logged/developed. I've been working on a list as of late. It’s a work in progress and is in no way in its final stages of being complete. I would like to add this, most likely it would be made for two people (hence the two ALICE packs), but also I thought it could be nearby a camp/hide. Also, if just one person uses it (me), it could be a stash location where I come back as needed for supplies and exchange items. I thought of a few scenarios. One more thing, I know I didn’t add any weapons to the list. That is separate thing I am working on: to cache a rifle, pistol, ammo and supplies. Ideas for this would be nice too! Here’s my list: • One Hardig (hard-case/water proof) electronics box • Plastic storage bags/Mylar bags/food-saver bags-sealed • Oxygen absorbers/moisture absorbers? • Silicone for hard-case • First Aid kit • Two sets clothes (warm/cold) • 1 Large ALICE pack/1 medium • Coat or Rain gear • Boots (waterproof/thinsulate) • Socks/underwear • Gloves (leather & insulated pair) • Flash light/head lamp • Glow sticks • Small camp stove (one burner)/Swiss army volcano stove • Fuel/fuel tablets • FOOD o MRE’s o Freeze dried assortment o Canned meat? • Water Storage o Camel bak o Canteens o 2.5gal water bags o Purification tablets/filters • Sleeping bag w/all weather cover • Tarp (brown 6x8) • Para-cord • Gerber Hatchet/Saw/Shovel set (small) • Leatherman • Good knife (x2) • Hand & feet warmers • FIRE o Lighter o Matches o Flint o Steel wool o Tinder " end quote
  7. SurvivalCache

    Good Reads for your survival toolkit

    If you've read any good books, online articles or know of other resources that may be of interest to everyone else, post them here. Also if you have questions about good resources that may help point you in the right direction to get your bug-out-bag put together, learn about using a map and compass or any other subject matter related to survival, post it here. Also in the modern age there are a number of great videos and other multimedia that is very informative so let's not forget those resources as well. Thanks!
  8. SurvivalCache

    Vendors post here

    If you have a great product you'd like us all to know about, store that would be a great resource to all the survivalists and preppers out there or any other type of service (survival school, etc.) be sure to let us know here. If you'd like to submit anything for us to review on this forum or the main site drop us an email at and we'll see what we can do about getting something written up. Also, if you are interested in advertising on the forums (we are still not advertising on the main site only on the forums) please let the moderator (me) know via an email through the SurvivalCache contact on these forums and we'll see about getting you set up with a banner and link. Thanks!
  9. Guest


    This was an introduction thread but I didn't stay on top of it and it got hijacked... oh well!
  10. Guest

    300 AAC Blackout

    Has anyone had any experience with the new 300 AAC Blackout? It looks like ammo is a bit scarce right now but when it is available it looks to be fairly affordable and a great option to have for more knock down (matches the 7.62x39 ballistics) using an 5.56 AR platform and simply changing out the barrel. Apparently you can even use 5.56 brass for reloads.