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Found 1 result

  1. Thanks to sailorman2010 at Northwest Firearms forums for the following post I borrowed, I thought it would be a good starting place for this thread to get folks thoughts on this. The original link is here: "What would you stash in your survival cache?" "Hello. I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the long weekend and turkey day. I've been thinking about a buried survival cache for the last six months. I want to get feedback from people that have done it themselves-buried weapons, clothes, storage food, etc? I would also like to know what kind/type of containers people used-PVC pipe? Hard case? Barrels? Also, I know locating and environment is factor when burring a cache. A person would want to locate in a place where it wouldn't be easily found by others, but would be easy to find for them when returning to it. Nor, put it in a place where it would be sitting in the water table for six months of the year (unless you took pre-cautions for this) or about to be logged/developed. I've been working on a list as of late. It’s a work in progress and is in no way in its final stages of being complete. I would like to add this, most likely it would be made for two people (hence the two ALICE packs), but also I thought it could be nearby a camp/hide. Also, if just one person uses it (me), it could be a stash location where I come back as needed for supplies and exchange items. I thought of a few scenarios. One more thing, I know I didn’t add any weapons to the list. That is separate thing I am working on: to cache a rifle, pistol, ammo and supplies. Ideas for this would be nice too! Here’s my list: • One Hardig (hard-case/water proof) electronics box • Plastic storage bags/Mylar bags/food-saver bags-sealed • Oxygen absorbers/moisture absorbers? • Silicone for hard-case • First Aid kit • Two sets clothes (warm/cold) • 1 Large ALICE pack/1 medium • Coat or Rain gear • Boots (waterproof/thinsulate) • Socks/underwear • Gloves (leather & insulated pair) • Flash light/head lamp • Glow sticks • Small camp stove (one burner)/Swiss army volcano stove • Fuel/fuel tablets • FOOD o MRE’s o Freeze dried assortment o Canned meat? • Water Storage o Camel bak o Canteens o 2.5gal water bags o Purification tablets/filters • Sleeping bag w/all weather cover • Tarp (brown 6x8) • Para-cord • Gerber Hatchet/Saw/Shovel set (small) • Leatherman • Good knife (x2) • Hand & feet warmers • FIRE o Lighter o Matches o Flint o Steel wool o Tinder " end quote