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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have two solar fence chargers. I got rid of the animals so I was wondering if I could use these chargers for anything else; ie charging a 12 volt battery perhaps?
  2. scott solarguy

    New solar product

    My name is scott I am just starting a business where my partner and I can provide people with an alternative option for getting fresh water. We only have one kit (Makes everything simple) The pump can lift water from 200+ ft below ground Its entirely off the grid and has two batteries that will charge during the day for continuous operation EMP resistant, since the pump is underground You could use the kit to water livestock in a remote field or to water a garden, the uses are endless Contact me if your interested at
  3. I just want to thank everyone who has gone to my new site! The response has been phenomenal and we appreciate it. At , we have tried to make a "go to" place for anyone looking for survival goods and INFORMATION. Information is key. Survival Cache provides a great source of information, good information. At ,our world news is updated everyday. Thank you to the 850+ people that visited this weekend!! Together we can help each other!
  4. shadowplyr

    The Solar Threat

    Hey all, so i was writing this as a potential article to be featured on the site, but decided it needs to get out quicker than the site would allow to get posted.... i hope its informative. Whether you believe we angered Ra, Sol, Utu, Apollo, Freyer or just believe the sun is in a high point of it's solar cycle, which is an 11 year cycle with peaks and lulls in its activity, we are being bombarded with CME’s (coronal Mass Ejections) which are large clouds of plasma that get thrown into space. These eruptions come on a threat scale of A, B, C, M, and X with A class eruptions being of the least threatening and X class eruptions meaning prepare yourselves. We have had an abundance of X class eruptions this year already and two that have eruptied on Tuesday, March 6th which are expected to hit earth early on March 12th. Why should this concern you? Well its simple really. A CME that is an X class eruption can affect the earth in many ways, most of which you heard could take down power grids for a period of time. All of these reports make it seem like a minor inconvenience. But lets look a little deeper. Computers can overload just as easily as any power grid if it is not protected properly from these magnetic storms. Professor Alan Woodward said that “Computers can be "hardened" to withstand the effects of electrical interference but very few are.” So worst case scenario; You wake up on the 12th and realize that you have no power, not a problem you think, you heard this could be happening from the news. You soon realize that your phones and water are also no longer working and your emergency radio has nothing but dead air on it. You are now in a media blackout and have no idea what to expect and for how long to expect it. Cars may still work seeing that recent studies have been performed to check the vulnerability of cars to this sort of event so lets assume they do. But you have no power to pump gas, no way for grocery stores to communicate the need for more food, and no way to get your money out of the banks since all the computers are down. There is a phrase coined called nine meals from anarchy. I would suggest you look it up. It basically says that after a person has gone nine meals without food social stricter deteriorates and anarchy begins. This is roughly 3 days without food. (happens quick doesn’t it?) You are now in a situation where you are protecting yourself from your neighbors and looters trying to get to your food. We just entered a classic SHTF situation in under a week. And guess what… A 2008 report by the National Academy of Sciences warned that “a solar EMP will short out the electrical power grid, forcing up to 130 million Americans to go without electricity for months or years.” We have never been more vulnerable as a society, with all of our day to day activities highly reliant on computers and electronics. so lets talk about prep work. 1. Pull out some cash - if the banks computers and servers go down your money will not be accessible for some time. 2. Start storing water - if utilities go down, do you have enough to survive or know where to get potable water? 3. AMMO - if we are without for long enough be prepared to protect your food, family, and house 4. Fill your cars with fuel - Do you have locking gas caps to prevent theft? 5. Food - are your stockpiles ready? Do you know where to hunt and what foliage is edible in your area? 6. Lumber and nails - know how to barricade your house if you decide not to bug out