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Found 1 result

  1. A Carrington event was named after the solar superstorm that hit Earth over a hundred years ago, at this time Americas power grid was even more primitive then it is today. The energy carried by the event hit Americas grid, electrocuting telephone operators and disrupting radios and electronics. What if, a second Carrington Event were to happen in our near future? 160 years is a long time and scientists are unsure of an exact cycle since it's only been recorded happening once. Next year, 2013, we peak in our solar cycle and will be experiencing the most powerful solar storms of the decade. Whats concerning is not the solar flares ability to knock out a nations entire power grid, whats concerning is what relies on the power grid. Nuclear reactors all over the world have a symbiotic relationship with the grid, 1. They feed power to the grid, 2. They require power from the grid to function. If the grid were to collapse the backup generators have 3 days of diesel to stay running. Is that enough time to shut down a nuclear reactor? What if those generators would need to be refueled, the nation would be in chaos, resupplying those generators to prevent a meltdown would be difficult. But even if the United States could keep ALL of its nuclear power plants under control, what about the hundreds of others all around the globe?? A nuclear holocaust doesn't have to happen in the form of a mushroom cloud. What are your thoughts?