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Found 1 result

  1. TheDefaultHuman

    How it helps

    Blacksmithing is more of a long-term skill needed in a survival situation. Mostly for TEOTWAWKI not SHTF. Depending on what your making you might need a lot of materials. but in general, your going to need -A mold for what your making -Metal -Safety supplies (Gloves, Mask, possibly a fire extinguisher, a welding apron) -A hammer and anvil ~~~~~~~~~~ There's probably a list of other things you'll come up with when blacksmithing, but this is just a general reference. Now here's some examples of when you aren't going to use blacksmithing, -Not when there is a tornado.... -Probably not when the Chinese invade.... -More then likely not during a flood.... ~~~~~ Here is some examples of when you should do blacksmithing, -During an economic meltdown -During everyday life to save money and make yourself more self-sufficient -When (if) Armageddon happens and you need bullets to kill all the zombies -When the effects of global warming become extreme and natural disasters go wild! ~~~ Now if the Chinese invade and your out of bullets, I'm sure the list can be modified, but you get my point. Now, here is a general list of what you should be blacksmithing. Stockpiling things may include items such as: Hammers, blades, pans, pots, cups, silverware, ammo, general house stuff, auto/mechanics, Now here's a list of "when's" and what you should make during those when's Normal Everyday Life -Anything that's cheaper to make by blacksmithing, -Stockpiling things, and getting your blacksmithing skills up. Complete economic meltdown (Great depression)- -Anything people really need and will trade for. -Stockpile (especially bullets). -Scrap precious metals into trade-able pieces/bars. Complete disaster, government can no longer enforce laws and isn't expected to return with in the next 10 years: -AMMO -Precious metal scrapping -All of the things you should have been stockpiling -Get good at "Winging it" when you make things because you might need a lot of miscellaneous things. ~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to add to the list ~~~~~~~~~ Some things that you might consider when blacksmithing- ~Using a furnace may attract people, unwanted or helpful, just be careful ~Its time consuming and has a higher risk of hurting yourself ~You would probably be the only one around doing it, which can be an advantage ~You can scrap precious metals, which in the event of the dollar collapse, might be very handy. ~Its something you can't "just do", you need practice. ---------------- Overall I would say its certainly not an immediate necessary skill, other survival needs generally come before blacksmithing. But in the event of TEOTWAWKI, blacksmithing may be very important. The main things I would be interesting in with blacksmithing are scrapping metals and making ammo. Ammo costs a lot and you will always need it, and scrapping metals is very handy because most people just throw metal away. You can turn junk into bullets, ain't that somethin? Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts. Also, apparently blacksmithing isnt a word, but I dont know how else to word it. So hopefully this made sense to you.