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Found 1 result

  1. I have a pressure cooker problem. I was canning chicken breasts and decided to try out my latest estate sale find ...a 22 qt sears and robuck "just like grandma's" pressure cooker (1956 model) complete with seal ,pressure select disk and even owners manual...really well taken care of. I also have its lil brother...the 16qt of the same brand. They are the same diameter and can share lids and seals. The 22qt allows you to stack pints and can 16 at one time. So I stuffed my raw chicken into pints, double stacked them in the cooker and cranked up the heat....then I noticed there was a drip around the seal. The pressure disk was already clanking away so the steam was being generated faster than the leak was letting it out...but I needed to cook for 75 minutes so any water loss could result in dry cooking ...not acceptable or safe. So I release pressure an think "ill just swap lids and seals"...I do...same problem. All I can come up with is that at some point in the 60+ year life of the cooker it was dropped/dinged hard enough to warp the lip of the pot hard enough to cause a fouled seal...but not hard enough to be visible. Luckily we have 2 other canners so I was able to complete the project...but I'd really like to salvage the 22 qt because of the double stack ability. Ideas?