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Found 3 results

  1. Thanks to sailorman2010 at Northwest Firearms forums for the following post I borrowed, I thought it would be a good starting place for this thread to get folks thoughts on this. The original link is here: "What would you stash in your survival cache?" "Hello. I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the long weekend and turkey day. I've been thinking about a buried survival cache for the last six months. I want to get feedback from people that have done it themselves-buried weapons, clothes, storage food, etc? I would also like to know what kind/type of containers people used-PVC pipe? Hard case? Barrels? Also, I know locating and environment is factor when burring a cache. A person would want to locate in a place where it wouldn't be easily found by others, but would be easy to find for them when returning to it. Nor, put it in a place where it would be sitting in the water table for six months of the year (unless you took pre-cautions for this) or about to be logged/developed. I've been working on a list as of late. It’s a work in progress and is in no way in its final stages of being complete. I would like to add this, most likely it would be made for two people (hence the two ALICE packs), but also I thought it could be nearby a camp/hide. Also, if just one person uses it (me), it could be a stash location where I come back as needed for supplies and exchange items. I thought of a few scenarios. One more thing, I know I didn’t add any weapons to the list. That is separate thing I am working on: to cache a rifle, pistol, ammo and supplies. Ideas for this would be nice too! Here’s my list: • One Hardig (hard-case/water proof) electronics box • Plastic storage bags/Mylar bags/food-saver bags-sealed • Oxygen absorbers/moisture absorbers? • Silicone for hard-case • First Aid kit • Two sets clothes (warm/cold) • 1 Large ALICE pack/1 medium • Coat or Rain gear • Boots (waterproof/thinsulate) • Socks/underwear • Gloves (leather & insulated pair) • Flash light/head lamp • Glow sticks • Small camp stove (one burner)/Swiss army volcano stove • Fuel/fuel tablets • FOOD o MRE’s o Freeze dried assortment o Canned meat? • Water Storage o Camel bak o Canteens o 2.5gal water bags o Purification tablets/filters • Sleeping bag w/all weather cover • Tarp (brown 6x8) • Para-cord • Gerber Hatchet/Saw/Shovel set (small) • Leatherman • Good knife (x2) • Hand & feet warmers • FIRE o Lighter o Matches o Flint o Steel wool o Tinder " end quote
  2. Guest

    The 30 Second Test

    Plenty of threads and articles here to read and discuss, but this one is for beginners. Today we started discussing pantry prep. Willie (my husband) grabbed my hand and led me over to our pitiful pantry. (We live in an apartment, so stockpiling space is premium.) He opened the pantry and said "Quick! You have 30 seconds. Grab the best stuff you can carry!" He started counting. If I told you what I grabbed and what I missed, I would ruin it for you. Try this with your spouse, or go do it without thinking first. You'll be surprised. Be sure and check the pantry for the items you should have gotten instead. Bug out items or surplus not already in your bag should be in one section of the pantry, in container if possible, so you can carry it out easily if you can make a fast exit. That's what I learned, and I got a good laugh as well. Regards, Janet and Willie.
  3. SurvivalCache

    Read this First!

    We think this could be a good way for you folks to move gear around and help each other and yourselves. All we ask is that you: 1. Use common sense in how you go about doing this with each other. 2. Treat people you are working with as well as you yourself would like to be treated. We have newbies trying to get decent gear to start out with and more experienced folks looking to upgrade or update. If you're buying or trading, fulfill your end by doing it on time and if you're selling or trading make sure you explain properly the condition of the equipment etc. It's probably a good idea to stay away from trying to sell ammunition or weapons on this forum just so we don't make anyone feel too nervous about our good community here. There will probably be more to add to this as time goes on but those are the big things that come to mind right away. Oh yes one last thing and probably the most important. SurvivalCache is in no way responsible for the transactions that happen here. In other words the owners of this forum will not be able to reimburse you or be held liable for any damages or losses due to transactions that happen here. We hope that everyone has good experiences but understand that there are risks involved when you trade, buy or sell things with other parties. If we get too many bad experiences then this part of the forum will be removed or otherwise altered in an attempt to mitigate or eliminate that from happening. Enough rules! Have fun and good prepping! Thanks, The Survival Cache Team