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Found 2 results

  1. TheDefaultHuman

    Occupy Wallstreet, Youth Standing Up

    News Video: Watch this: All the people in the "Occupy" movement should be recognized. They regularly get arrested, beaten, tasered, flashbanged, etc... treated like a mob trying to kill people, these peaceful protesters are doing there 100% best to change the world. This movement is 6 months old, and only gaining power, despite massive police arrests and brutality. Back in the day MLK Jr. told black people to be proud if they were arrested in protest, because they were fighting for there people. Mark my words, THIS is the start of the revolution. Occupying populated areas with signs in protest is daring, but its what black people, women, and other activist groups have done in the past. The difference this time is these people are speaking for you and me, whether you like it or not, when foreign countries see NY they will always see the protesters and there signs, they are always there. While most people have a formally stated opinion and plan to represent it, these protesters are simply asking, why the hell doesn't anyone care anymore? And are some of the only people really doing anything about it. If your a person who wants a loving world and a better political system then this is your cause, these are your people, there actions should be noticed. They are totaling close to 7000 arrests, and those are the counted ones. Some of them receiving felonies for exercising there 1st amendment right, by putting up signs. The way it is, is if your in the area when the arrests are happening, they will try to get you, whether you be a reporter, a protester, and innocent person, an old lady, and even Members of Congress and George Clooney have been arrested. Please show support and feel free to discuss Website, Interesting Article, Arrests,
  2. Best way to do this is follow links to my Flickr site: