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Found 1 result

  1. kevin

    Wild edibles

    Around 15 years ago I started my journey as a prepper. In addition to a reasonable supply of food stuffs and an unreasonable supply of ammo I wanted to add skills to compliment my new way of life. One of the first skills I chose to work on was identifing wild plants as food and medicine. When I first started I knew maybe 10 plants which is above average...but all true Texas country boys have chewed a stem of sour dock (sheep's soral) at one time or another. Now 15 years in I am able to identify 120+ by name and usage. It has even begin to rub of on my wife and son. ( the boy is well ahead of where I was at 13 ) The hardest part of learning all these plants was finding a book or web site that had good reliable pictures and descriptions of each plant. Most books are nearly useless....half the web sites are just plane wrong. Since I already have done the leg work to find the best places to study plants I thought share them with you. By far the sharpest "plant guy" I have ever known is Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen. He has a book out that is far and away the best wild edible book I have ever used. "Idiots guide to foraging" is 10 out of 10 stars imho. You can find it for about $15 at the other best place....his web site "Foraging Texas" . I know it says Texas but most of the plants talked about are found thru out the south...and a large portion are nation wide. If you ever have the chance to take Dr Vorderbruggen's wild edibles hike\class I highly recommend it as well.....yeah I'm a fan.