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Found 1 result

  1. Navy2thDoc

    Howdy From Houston!

    Hi everyone, I have been a folllower of SC for years and a prepper way before that. I have been living in the Houston area most of my life and have been through three hurricanes and many tropical storms. From those experiences, I feel I am pretty honed in my skills of surviving through natural disasters. However, its the man made events that I worry about. My family escaped Vietnam in 1975 in a shot up C-130 while the runway was being attacked. There is nothing like the feeling of rolling down the strip expecting to be shot out of the sky at any moment. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Mark and Mike while doing an episode for SC tv which will be shown on the Nat Geo channel. I know we talk about opsec alot and the risk of showing your hands but I wanted to show a more positive light on preppers unlike that "other" show. It was a great experience and I did not show everything I have or reveal all my plans. Either way, I hope it will be educational and entertaining. Thank you everyone here for providing an avenue for those of us who live by the motto: "Hope for the best but prepared for the worst"! Captain Bart, thank you for your time in Nam. Veterans like you is part of the reason why I serve today. Rick