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Found 1 result

  1. TheDefaultHuman

    2 Shows and a Game has noone else noticed?

    Okay, today I'm bringing to the table a few things I've never mentioned when talking about survival. 2 Video series and a video game that I've never seen mentioned in any prepping site, blog, or video, ever. Okay first up, the video game Fallout 3, for xbox360, pc, and ps3. Personally I am a videogame guy, I play games all the time when I'm not trying to be productive lol. But Fallout 3, you start out as a baby, and you choose your path from the start, good or bad, and who you want to help. You go through the years in this underground vault locked away from the world because 227 years earlier (1950's) the cold war turned very hot and nukes were dropped all over the world. There were about 200 vaults or so and people lived in each (maybe 100 people in each). Your raised until the age of 19 (which is about 3 hours on the game) and you eventually leave the vault, which noone has done for 227 years. You emerge to see a crazy thing called the sun, and the hectic earth around you. Throughout the whole game (which won multiple game awards for many reasons) you choose good or evil, who to help, which side too pick, and everything. You scavenge the wasteland to find that there are actually trees in some parts, and in others people that will kill you for your currency (bottle caps). I would HIGHLY recommend if you have the spare time, and the money, get this game. Some things I noticed can actually give you ideas about how things would be. Some real things I noticed are how there are multiple factions around the wasteland, everyone has there own fortress, and many people will kill you on sight, while others are fighting for restoration and peace. Sometimes these factions fight right in front of you. Sometimes people talk to you and are very friendly, then when you turn your back they shoot you and you are forced to kill them or run. You can convince people to follow you, kill other people, give you money, you can threaten them, make weapons, have your own house, blow up a whole town, save the town and kill the people that want to blow up the town, scavenge from fallen cities while avoiding raiders and land mines/other traps, look for food and water thats not irradiated, enter radiation areas with or without suits on, risk dying, etc... This game gave me some very good ideas on real prepping, although it has moments of being fake, you have too look past the fakeness, like: -Laser beam guns -You can survive 20 bullets to the head sometimes -Mutants and ghouls -You can carry 10x more then IRL But overall, I would recommend you try this game if its not a big deal to your budget or time. Very addicting, and an interesting story. Heres some screenshots: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The video series which has absolutely astonished me and I will forever be in debt to the knowledge it has brought me. It really proves that prepping will pay off in a way, and gives me hope in humanity. Its called "Ancient Aliens". A history channel series available on Netflix if you have it. This whole series PROVES many history books including THE BIBLE are misworded, or have real meanings to them, or have pieces MISSING from them. Yes it proves that the pope took pieces out of the bible and that aliens are real. I mean it is just so in depth and makes so much sense. Its amazing. It shows things we've discovered in the past 500 years, ALREADY discovered in artifacts 6,000 years before known civilizations started. This show is just insanely interesting and I have watched every single one 5 times or more because its so captivating. Please take the time too watch one if you get the chance. Although its not directly related to prepping, it gives you a good idea on how the world is, why it is, and the possibilities humanity has to come, and what disasters could possibly be coming. + more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Another, similar History Channel series, which is a little more bizarre then fact, but still quite interesting to think about. "The Nostradamus Effect", this show is similar to ancient aliens, but has almost nothing to do with aliens. It de-codes the bible, shows that Issac Newton, one of the smartest people on earth, actually SECRETLY tried to decode the bible behind the backs of his whole town because he would have been killed for his work. It talks about how the book of revelations could be what were experiencing today. "The oceans will turn red", gulf oil spill? Or when all those fish died? "The four horseman will come" can be related to alot of things today. This is a very interesting show and highly recommended as well. It shows what future disasters could come, and its quite interesting to think about, although its not 100% fact, just theories and trying to prove how they could happen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Thanks for reading, and if you've played these games, or seen the videos, or know anything about these, please comment and discuss as I feel as if I'm the only one who has seen these awesome shows, and played fallout 3. I think these could really bring a bunch of new ideas to everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -