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Found 3 results

  1. I just want to thank everyone who has gone to my new site! The response has been phenomenal and we appreciate it. At , we have tried to make a "go to" place for anyone looking for survival goods and INFORMATION. Information is key. Survival Cache provides a great source of information, good information. At ,our world news is updated everyday. Thank you to the 850+ people that visited this weekend!! Together we can help each other!
  2. Here's my site: I've really tried to create a site where people can be informed of world events, purchase needed survival items, and be entertained! I'm in the process of creating a forum also. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!
  3. TheDefaultHuman

    Your News Site?

    I have different news websites for certain things. ~ is my main one, people post comments and based on how many thumbs up they have you get a general opinion of what people think. The articles are interesting but sometimes flawed. ~ ( puts news into a very suitable perspective for me, it also has more world news, so you can see America from a different perspective. (One of there articles is named "In America, TV watches you", hahahaha) ~ is a great site that gives you the complete opposite side of the media spectrum which is why I use it. Sometimes its a little extreme at times, but nowhere near as bad as a constant flow of ads and corporate brainwashing from foxnews and stuff. ~ is a good one ~ is a back-up, there site isn't bad but I don't use cnn often.