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Found 1 result

  1. Watch Ryder

    Mountain Hold - Tyler Danann

    'The world of Terra is changing. Following the dawning of a strange sun in the sky the world infrastructure collapses, cities become arenas of mayhem and the governments across the world fall. Out of the maelstrom comes the rise of diverse factions, strange newcomers and an intrepid new spirit. A small group of survivors led by Mike Oakley desperately flee the collapsing chaos, heading into the Rocky Mountains. There they hope to rebuild anew with a sanctuary from the havoc - A Mountain Hold. In the valley below though a small town finds itself up under siege from a seemingly unstoppable horde of raiders. Mysterious strangers and powerful artifacts promise much, but at what cost can they be trusted? Yet, dark, powerful forces of the apocalypse are seeking to take advantage of the turmoil, they too are keen to unleash whatever it takes to rule and control as the new overlords of Terra. One of their targets - The Mountain Hold! Fans of James Axler's Deathlands Series and J.G Elliot's books will be fired-up by this fierce yarn of a courageous world rising from the ashes of the old.' "Enjoyable from start to finish. Character development was good enough to make me both admire some and despise others. If you enjoy good vs evil conflict with an earthy, survivalist tone, I suspect you'll find this novel entertaining and part of your library."