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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Gun Safe Purchase Questions

    Does anyone have any recommendations on gun safes? They are an expensive investment but a good one. I'd rather not spend more than a grand or so if I can help it... and find good reason not to. I figure things like fire ratings can be boosted by building a "wall locker" around the safe using sheet-rock and framing + a deadbolt firedoor Weight can be boosted by drilling into concrete and bolting down.. Keeping the safe out of view and not immediately visible to folks will keep interest down in "what you have inside" I have a dog and an alarm system so that helps in the deterrent side as well. Ultimately if a thief has enough time and the right tools they can get into your $6K-$10K as well as your $1K safe which will be a deterrent to most folks anyways.. I don't have whole lot of guns and if I ever accumulate enough to "outgrow" the safe I will be able to afford another safe as well, probably have a bigger house to put it in etc. etc. plus the wife is not going to go for me spending more than I am already "approved" to spend. She should probably be working in Washington D.C. as well, I'm sure she could help whip our national budget into shape in no time. I'll probably go with a manual lock vice an electronic one due to EMP considerations and more importantly just a general suspicion of all things electronic (I've had them fail me more times than I can count during my life) but what would be nice is a lock that is Electronic with manual backup ICO electronic failure. Models I am considering are: Liberty Gun Safe Patriot Gun Safe But just started looking. If anyone has any good input on the best bang for the buck in the $1K range, I'm all ears. Thanks.