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Found 1 result

  1. TheDefaultHuman

    Pick a job, any job...

    So I have a pretty simple question, if you could be in any type of field with any type of job what would it be? I'm talking about achievable goals, not luck goals like a football player or actor. I'm asking because I'm 17, graduated 2 months ago from high school, and if I don't get into college soon I'm going to be a bum and not have the money to prep. Currently I make about $60 a week on eBay which mostly goes to family issues. My Mom is disabled and my step-dad can't find work. So my life is pretty rough, I'm the first one in a few generations to actually graduate. My worry is, if the government cancels all disability checks were going to be homeless, and in college and homeless isn't a good combo. All I can do is hope that this doesn't happen, and get my Masters ASAP because I can see in 5 years things are bad, but 10 will be a lot worse. I want a Job that involves prepping to an extent, but one that I can also use at home, and make good money with. I was recently declined into the National Guard because of a slight medical problem, which was a real set-back. But I just want a good, money making, productive job. I have taken AP biology and got a few credits, I have also taken Psychology and got a few credits. I'm interested in all fields of work, my mother always said I could be a lawyer, which I would be really good at but it doesn't benefit survival at all. Lets say I walk up to a strangers house who is clearly a prepper or something. The world is gone to hell and my dollar is worth nothing. "I might be able to give you a place to stay, what was your profession before all this happened?" , "I was a lawyer sir", "Well unfortunately that won't help you or me now, so I'd have to ask you too leave". I don't want that happening. I love science, but everything seems like a headache, AP biology was just a giant headache, and I can't tell things apart under a microscope. "Look at the organelle right there, what is that one?" "I don't know, a lysosome?" "No lysosomes are extremely small, what is it" "Ummmm, mitochondria?" "Yes! You got it, thats a mitochondria". Thanks god for letting me guess right on the 5th try again and again. I was going to be an engineer but theres all different types when I would rather just be "an engineer". Chemistry is pretty cool, but Its also a headache. What the eliptical orbit of this one? Oh 5 right? No thats the atomic number..... But I thought they were the same? No thats the atomic mass and the number of protons.... But aren't there 2 things that are the same? No theres actually 3, which is why you shouldnt be sleeping in class..... Math and Chemistry were so boring, I really couldn't help it, I fall asleep on the spot with 12 hours of sleep and an energy drink. Maybe once I get some ADHD medicine I will do better, but for now I need a field to choose from. Sorry for the long and slightly off-topic paragraphs. But on to the point, which job would you pick if you were magically 17 with a diploma? And which one would you recommend for me?