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Found 2 results

  1. Good Resource to Reference...
  2. I don't fancy a kindle I fancy raw paper books with knowledge on each page. Just throwing it out there, if you have books you no-longer need because you already read them 6 times then I may buy them, but they have to..... ~Not be a novel or story (unless its based on something real) ~Has to have good updated information, (I read a survival book from 1994 that was still basically up to date) ~Has to teach me something I hope that made sense, just post pics of the book or post a title name, or both. If a book has pictures then its all the more interesting. Also books have discounted shipping usually! I'm not interested in 1000 page car manuals, used college textbooks, or anything preschool status. Although I figure you figured that. I'll pay anywhere from $1-5-ish depending on the book. This might only be for the people who actually own a bookshelf Some things I'm interested in are, how to skin and chop up animals for food storage (deer, rabbits, bear, etc...), maybe hunting manuals too, farming guides, various survival guides, prepper guides, rope tying books, species(trees,fungi,snakes/animals) identifying books, and anything of the like.