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Found 1 result

  1. Link to this is below !!! Ok here it is in a nutshell this is a "REAL" thing in the culture of Islam you can marry your first cousin ! In some countries it is in the 20% margin and others 55% so in 1,400 years imagine all the instances and how that has effected their populations. This is white paper so if your inbred it may be hard to "READ" but use your inside voice when reading and you'll get through then you can scream your head off on why the FAKE NEWS MEDIA can only parrot that it is a "religion of peace" all the while genital mutilation forced / arranged marriages rape incest and child brides as young as 6 and sex as young as 9 years old and a host of other disgusting acts young boys wearing dresses and dancing kissing boys on the lips and intercourse This has so many health issues it is unreal including still born children in the double digits, sudden infant death syndrome lower IQ by a good measure genetic diseases and deformities. truth is stranger than fiction If WE are going to have an open conversation on why we should allow sharia law or separation of laws allowing them their cultural norms in our country against our children or expose our children to a culture I feel we need to have all the information not just what is spread by parroting fake news outlets IMHO. If your not into reading here is interview from Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes ( foul language ) so if you not want to listen or have your children overhear you have been warned. In this interview it is mentioned that inbreeding causes disorders such as extreme anger hysteria paranoia and a host of other issues. It is also mentioned that this has happened in other cultures and it has been disallowed by laws and religions as it has horrible effects on children of those people who marry within the family and why incest is so reviled.