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Found 2 results

  1. Friends of mine. I use them all the time. They are a MOM and POP Business and they do emergency preparedness seminars. They give discounts for bulk purchases and they might deliver. Every thing they had is Food grade. They also sell honey from their hives. Sorry I don't remember their prices but they were less expensive than all the other ones I have come across. I would stake my reputation on them. If there is any problems they fix it. Give them a call. (254) 634-2011 Nial (Nile) or Darla.
  2. TheDefaultHuman

    Peanut Butter

    I couldn't really see where to put this topic, but yes its mostly about peanut butter. Simple question, should you have a jar of peanut butter in your BOB? I can't see a reason why not besides it takes up space but... For a survival food, chocolate is a good way to go, but isn't peanut butter better? Pros- When its empty you have a jar. It contains a lot of nutrients, and has calories and protein. It seems pretty compact for the nutritional value. It can be mixed with other things that taste bad, to make them taste good. Can also be used as bait! I just haven't heard it mentioned a lot, should we have peanut butter in our BoB? Or in our doomsday pantry? What other foods are on the top of the list for fat and calories? (I find it kind of funny, people die from eating fatty foods but we have it in our BoB for survival ) Chocolate Peanut Butter What else? What if you had a jar of plain (Canola, Olive, Melted butter?) oil? (Oil is extremely calorie dense but is it healthy to straight up drink?) (Beef Jerky?) I'm not an expert, but I will do some research and update too, nutrition is a key factor in survival.