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Found 1 result

  1. Over time the Home Depot "discount" was first for veterans then only service connected now it is by item next it will only be Tuesday and a full moon. a recent wast of time and an hour of shopping and numerous items AND NOT ONE HAD A DISCOUNT i GOT STUFF FROM TOOLS PAINT HARDWARE WALL COVERINGS ELECTRICAL AND LIGHTING THE ONLY AREA i DID NOT GET SOMETHING FROM WAS LAWN & GARDEN. I WAS GOING TO BUT TIME WAS SHORT. All I can say is whatever cost to return the items back to their shelves out paced any "DISCOUNT" on the products had I purchased them. One other thought why does the V.A. in Houston have a Starbucks coffee shop ? as I recall they are not much for the military nor veterans and I may be mistaken but didn't Starbucks Want to Give 10,000 Refugees a Job Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. | DON"T VETERANS NEED WORK ? I cannot tell yet what Trump is doing will help the V.A. system or not I did notice that now you either can take the V.A. benefits or Social security but not both well neither alone is going to make you much above the poverty line and besides it ain't like you can save on that chump change so it would be spent in the community but big brother does not mind paying a Syrian refugee double what a nomal social security recipient get nor does it bother them to pay illegal aliens who never dropped a dime in the system for all their chillen" give them health care food stamps with cash option as well as all other benefits like help with rent and utilities they even get trans lators and help filling out forms. yea there is a us versus them mentality and it breeds distrust of our government it's agencies and hard feelings BUT our leaders vote themselves a raise and have a separate expense account they do not let us know about as well as travel and lodging on top and it always bothers me that they go in without a pot to piss in and come out well heeled landed gentry and they never let you forget their title senator or congressman mayor dog catcher so and so even though they are not NOW ! They have plenty of cash for handing out to all them 3rd world countries giving away the panama canal the Internet you know SH*T WE PAYED FOR.