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Found 2 results

  1. Capt Bart

    Gray or Gone

    I've started this because I couldn't find the thread I thought already existed.:mad: We talk about the 'Gray Man', pay it lip service but many of us (me perhaps worst than most) don't really follow the message. over on the web page is the op-sec piece. Some noted the "Doomsday Preppers" TV show. I thought it was an overblown piece making us look fairly neurotic but then I saw this: Read it, I'll wait ............................................................................................. OK, I thought the guy was a just a little off plumb but REALLY? Now how many of you would like to be on TV? How many want to answer your family doc's questions about "guns in the house"? (That is a (perhaps THE) health issue under Obozo care you know?) Maybe buy ammo or firearms through the mail or on a credit card? A question I do NOT want anyone to answer - and I mean this - DO NOT ANSWER THIS PARAGRAPH! How many have "turn in" guns for when the feds come confiscating you have something to give them? If you have nothing, will you fight, run, hide, or just roll over and comply? Again I'd rather you not answer (be gray) but you should be thinking about this because this is the 4th time recently I'm aware of where our (you should pardon the expression) Justice Department has gone after people's guns and things while at the same time arming the murderous gangs from Mexico invading my State and Hometown. The idea here is to list things that you've run across or perhaps do that reveals your prepper style and what we can do about them. It still isn't too late to start being Gray but it isn't easy and it is getting later every day. Think about it a bit. How hard would it be for a mid-level government functionary to find you if they really wanted to. Want to take a bet it'd be less than 48 hours? No, me either. Go gray, sooner rather than later or it may soon be too late. Just my not so humble opinion.
  2. Capt Bart

    Not just Big Sis

    This got started over an incident involving a store employee and a cell phone camera. Details are not too important but he was taking photos of people in the store and saving them on his cell phone. When caught he was forced to erase the photos and was fired. What's the harm in what he did? He didn't know anyone so it was just a photo of a stranger, right? Well the software exists to do face recognition. I have it as a utility on my Mac. If i have a photo of you and I am a half way decent programmer I can search the internet for all matching faces. Somewhere there is probably a photo of you with a name or phone number or address or other identifying items. If there is, then I can find you - period. Don't think there is a photo? Really? Ever do charity work? You know, "these are the amateur radio operators who helped with the fun run" kind of photo with call signs listed? Your kid's friend who published a photo of the birthday party at your house with the attendees named? How about the on line wedding photos? Or maybe the fishing contest you were in or the background interview with the local paper about your shooting club or ... need I continue? These photos show up everywhere and often. Even red light cameras take photos of the drivers faces. So city, county, state, national and the re-stock clerk at the local mega mart can all track you and the members of your family. Not exactly a Gray Man life culture. Feel all warm and fuzzy safe now?