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Found 2 results

  1. urehideout

    Central NC Bug Out Location

    The URE Hide Out will open in 2013 for recreational uses like gold panning, horseback riding, geocaching and primitive camping. Great place to work on your survival skills. Offering 7 private lots for annual lease great for 'bug out location' and willing to barter for cost if you have a skill set I need. Need: Medic, Gunner, etc. Located on a spring fed creek and I have horses, chickens and hogs (transportation and food) This is the first year I'm getting into survival but if someone was local to me and wanted to offer a course using my property for the base camp that would be awesome!
  2. The market of precious metals dropped significantly recently, what does that mean for precious metal holders and those who were looking at getting into the precious metal market, lets take a look at the big picture. For many of us, precious metals aren't just an investment, they are a hedge against inflation, and with QE3 coming up, the dollar is going to devalue much more. So what is the significance of the drop in Gold & Silver prices? Obviously your can't trade in your silver for as many US dollars, but lets look into why the market has gone down. First off many news agencies talk about the Gold price decline of a few decades ago, this one was not as severe, and its still higher then gold prices at the beginning of 2011. A lot of this has to do with market technical, the volatile US dollar, investors naive trust in the future of the Greek bailouts, central bank involvement and as many believe (and perhaps very rightfully so) market manipulation. In the past several years their have been several 15% to 20% downwards spirals of gold, but time and time again the market rose back past those levels. As we have seen, their was a huge upwards spike, spikes like these correct themselves, and this one did so. Many Americans don't realize the power and real money. Since the inception of the Federal Reserve, the US Dollar has lost 95% of its value, and after the Federal Reserves next round of Quantitative Easing (aka printing money) the US Dollars value is sure to further plummet. Those who own Gold & Silver to hedge against inflation know that no matter what the price of it is, its still real money. Most Americans don't understand the economic system and either does the media, take this Canadian reporter who claims that Gold is worthless because it is backed up by nothing, where US dollars have value because they are backed up by the Federal Reserve and US government... Take a look: I see this dip in spot prices not as a time to panic, but as a time to buy into my silver. For those looking into getting into the market, now would be a great time. Silver is only approximately $30 an oz and sells them for a few dollars over sport, another website I trust and highly recommend is, but its all up to you how you spend your money. Gold & Silver are REAL money, and it has maintained its value and has been used as real money for thousands of years. Fiat currencies have always failed, literally, history has seen all kinds of fiat currencies come and go, and I don't see what excludes the Euro or the US Dollar from this morbid roll call. Not only is Gold & Silver an investment, I see it much more as my real savings. When the time comes and the USD goes even further down in value, those with money tied up in fiat currencies will have a lot to worry about. Just words of advice, good luck to you all. Further Reading: 6 Reasons Not To Panic About The Precious Metals Plunge Prophets of Doom: 12 Shocking Quotes from Insiders