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Found 2 results

  1. shadowplyr

    BOV and GHB

    so while my BOV might not be backed to the brim with equipment it has enough for me to get home from any local location (20 miles from work) if i go anyplace else i would pack more gear. this is a hyundai santa fe, as you can see the hidden compartment is VERY nice. while most of the items are fairly self explanatory i will detail you in on the bag and knife. the knife is an urban survival knife that has combat knuckles on the grip, 2 throwing knifes in the grip, a pointed butt end and a steel blade this is for use in high risk situations which if SHTF and say a solar flair disables cars and electronics and i have to grab the bag and go i might just need. the bag is an under armor gym bag. i chose this simply for the storage space which will also hold the 2 gallons of water you also saw in the trunk.
  2. I was contemplating what all I need to have in my truck to get home from work should I break down or there be a natural disaster. Tornadoes, high wind storms, and flooding being the most recent disasters to hit the area. I got to thinking I live 27 miles from work. On foot with the hills and everything I would be doing good to make that in 10 hours of constant walking without stopping. Seems pretty far fetched to plan to walk home. I was thinking what I needed was a bike that didn't take up the whole bed of my truck, then I could cut the time down to probably 2-3 hours if I had to go the full distance. Anyone have a similar situation or have experience with a foldable bike? I am open to ideas.