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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone use admin pouches? if so what do you carry in them? and how do you carry it? I came across one at the swap meet for $5 made in the US no brand on it but a little used. I realize I have no idea how to use it with out putting it on my MTV, but I don't carry it any more so I'm looking for a more practical use. Right now just carrying a small Maglite with the LED bulb best upgrade ever, added the dummy cord for my watch, permanent marker, small notepad and pen. and the grim locks are just to increase my carry options. Thoughts anyone?
  2. shadowplyr

    treklight hammock

    so if any of you are like me, waking up with ants/ticks/spiders all over you is NEVER fun, so i was looking for a way to stay off the ground and comfortable without carrying alof of extra weight. enter the treklight hammock. this little guy fits in a 1 pound pack and will compress to just about the size of my fist so it is great for not adding alot of weight or taking up alot of space in the bag. it also holds up to 400LBS which im sure is the safety rating and could probably hold more. i set it up in 4 minutes (yes i timed it) on the first time using it with just some paracord and 2 load rated carabiner's as you can see in the pic. hopped in and i was comfortable and off the ground and happy. Pro's; lightweight, durable material, heavy load rating, compressable, does its job Con's; NOT waterproof, doesnt come with equipment to hang. BUT.... the site does sell a tarp to hang over you that is waterproof and a rope and biner bundle so you can hang it so the option is there, but with a little knowledge of knots you can make your own way to hang it. it retails for 64.99 for the single hammock which is 10ft long and 5 ft wide. overall i would say it is worth the price, especially if you want to sleep in comfort and off the ground.
  3. I just want to thank everyone who has gone to my new site! The response has been phenomenal and we appreciate it. At , we have tried to make a "go to" place for anyone looking for survival goods and INFORMATION. Information is key. Survival Cache provides a great source of information, good information. At ,our world news is updated everyday. Thank you to the 850+ people that visited this weekend!! Together we can help each other!
  4. Guest

    Survival on a Budget 2.0

    This was a great thread, and really well received. So how about we do a spin on that? I was wondering what you and yours have done to generate or save extra cash so you can buy necessary gear? And just for the heck of it, what item(s) are you saving for right now? We're paring down, and the items leaving to make space in our home for storage are going on Craigslist. And, once a week, I sneak in an extra item on the grocery list, and tuck it in storage. Just started couponing again too. It's amazing how motivated you can be when you have a purpose in mind. How about you? Oh, yeah, we're saving for a Kelley Kettle and a Coleman Stove, cover all the bases. Bug Out, Bug In Off Grid.
  5. I currently have a Humvee Assault Pack. I received it as a gift, so I'm not complaining about it at all. It's a great backpack and can handle anything I throw at it. It's just not the right backpack for hiking. I need a top loading backpack that I can put my compression sack Hammock in, hang my compression sack sleeping back from the bottom of and hike with.Right now, I have to hang a lot of things off of the ALICE straps on the back, and it's fairly awkward. Does anyone have any suggestions for a camping backpack? Also keep in mind that I don't want to break the bank on this. Thanks!
  6. I find that when people start looking at prepping a lot of them are dissuaded by the price tag on some of the recommended stockpile list out there. To help counter this I'm going to try an throw together a list of things that are very inexpensive and easy to just pick one or two things every time you go to the store. even though the title says under $20 most of the list is under $5 Food the list of food items to stoke up on varies from person to person so I'm not going to say much other then grabbing one or 2 things every time is a good way to start. First aid Isopropyl Alcohol Hydrogen peroxide Gauze assorted sizes Athletic tape Coban Tweezers Non latex gloves(you never know who will be allergic) Antibiotic ointment Bandaids Antiseptic Towelettes Triangular Bandage Metal scissors If you feel you need more most of the sterile gauze and bandages don't cost much Generic medication Multivitamins Foot powder ibuprofen antacid tablets Imodium!! antihistamines Dramamine Tylenol Camping stuff Bulk Matches bandana 550 cord Fishing tackle Fishing line Flashlight Lighters Hardware store Nails screws Duct tape Hand tools Zip ties floral wire WD40 Misc Sewing kit Garbage bags Bucket Aluminum foil Sharpie Manual can opener fishing line Batteries Disposable razors Soap Bleach(water purification) Those little candles that I use in jack-o-lanterns (not birthday verity) those resealable container (more durable then ziplock baggies) Toilet paper Gun stuff Gun cleaning solvent Gun cleaning patches gun cleaning oil Bulk 22 ammo smaller amounts of most other ammo Just about everything here cost less then a fast food meal so next time your eating a burger for lunch think "this is 100 22 rounds worth of money" or "this is half a gallon of Isopropyl Alcohol" Anyone else have stuff to add to the list of "Cheap preps"