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Found 5 results

  1. I thought that perhaps a sub-forum for recipes would be nice. Ive seen several posted that I think are excellent, and the sub forum would just make it easier to find these recipes. I leave it up to the mods as to whether or not they think this would actually be a good idea or not, lol.
  2. DC Matt

    MRE Advice

    Anyone have a good place to buy real MREs? I know people mentioned cheaper than dirt, which does look like a good website. I also read on that eBay was a good place to look. Want to buy a case or two to add to our normal food prep. I was thinking the real military MREs would be the best option because of the heater. However, if anyone has recommendations for the civilian version, I'm all open. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. :eek: A good place to start prepping a pantry for short term Bug In, is with a quick pantry patrol. While taking stock and considering organization and portability, take time to check your existing goods for vermin. Under discussion today are weevils. These destructive little devils like your grain products, and seem to be able to get into tightly sealed plastic containers. They are small, elongated, blackish brown insects. While it might seem okay to have a few in your emergency rations... (they won't eat much, and they're good protein?), it isn't a good idea to let them take up residence because they will multiply and munch on your much needed stores. Quickly discard any products infested with weevils, and haul the trash out right away. If you aren't sure if those little black specks in your product are weevils or spices, microwave the product for a couple of seconds and you should see the bugs making a quick exit. Clean all empty containers thoroughly with hot soapy water, and let dry. Then replace with fresh products, putting one or two dried bay leaves in the container. Remember to do this with all grain products, and keep them in a sealed container or resealable plastic bag. Places you might find weevils: flour, corn meal, rice, baking mixes, cereal, croutons, popcorn, oatmeal, crackers... anything grain related. The cost of the dried bay leaves is much less than the cost to replace your stores. Get the freshest dried bay leaves from your local herb shop or co-op. The ones at the grocery are much less potent, and usually more expensive. And, it was likely that the weevils were a gift with purchase from your local grocery. If you have no bay leaves, try matchbooks in or on every container. That may work as well. You will have some residual weevils just hanging out, patrolling for your weak spot so be sure to do this immediately to encourage them to move on. Please share any other thoughts about pantry patrol, weevils or other vermin. What works best for you to keep the pantry safe and secure from pests?
  4. How many days of food is in your bag? I personally, have an engineers bag full of survival bars, each bar has 3600 cal. in it, each enough for one day. The engineer bag holds nearly a months worth of bars, but the bag weighs 24lbs. So that's 24 extra lbs in the BOB. The question I have, is how much food do you carry, and why. Whats the ideal amount? I don't believe in the "3 day pack" philosophy because that system is based on the military and a soldiers ability to resupply. Essentially its an assault pack style, just enough to complete your mission. But if the SHTF, we might not have a resupply. How does your food system work?
  5. Guest

    The 30 Second Test

    Plenty of threads and articles here to read and discuss, but this one is for beginners. Today we started discussing pantry prep. Willie (my husband) grabbed my hand and led me over to our pitiful pantry. (We live in an apartment, so stockpiling space is premium.) He opened the pantry and said "Quick! You have 30 seconds. Grab the best stuff you can carry!" He started counting. If I told you what I grabbed and what I missed, I would ruin it for you. Try this with your spouse, or go do it without thinking first. You'll be surprised. Be sure and check the pantry for the items you should have gotten instead. Bug out items or surplus not already in your bag should be in one section of the pantry, in container if possible, so you can carry it out easily if you can make a fast exit. That's what I learned, and I got a good laugh as well. Regards, Janet and Willie.