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Found 2 results

  1. jtcougars8

    Fishing novice

    I am a teenage casual fisher. But I want to make sure I get the right gear. No one in my family fishes so I am kind of on my own. I am going to Bass Pro Shops Saturday to pick up a few things. What are some of the essentials I should get. I have an old pole in the shed but I would like to get another one.
  2. Hello, as a resident of the Florida Keys for my entire life, I know enough about fishing to get by and I want to pass on this knowledge to the community by showing you guys some gear that I am interested in getting that would be ideal in a survival situation. First up, the Pen Fishing Rod When my little brother showed me this thing, I thought, theirs no way this could be used to catch real fish, but I was wrong. The Pen fishing rod is a compact fishing rod that extends to a couple feet and can actually catch a decent sized fish. Perfect for survival. Theirs different variations of the rod that can stretch from around $20-50 bucks. For small fish this thing is perfect. Next up, the Pack Fishing Pole This bad boy is practically unbreakable, and you can catch some serious game with this rod. At only $60 bucks this thing is actually a really good deal. Get the right test for this rod (weight the line is able to sustain) and this rod will really be able to last you any survival fishing situation. It's small, weighs only 8oz, and is compact enough to fit in a BOB. Here we have our Cuban Yo-Yo You can lookem up or find them online for very cheap. Basically they're a circle with fishing line on the wrapped around the outside like a garden hose. I remember using these as a kid, they're light, cheap, easy to use and great for fishing off the dock. Great things to have, and MUCH better then what you'd find in a so called "Survival Fishing Kit". Please avoid those at all costs, a popsicle wrapped in fishing line is not ideal. Lastly, the automatic Yo-Yo Fishing Reel From what I've seen from these, this is a great item. First its only $3.50. In a survival situation you want to conserve energy, and these things will fish for you. Just set one up on a branch and allow the line into the water, when it gets a bite the reel will start fighting the fish automatically, all mechanical, and effecient I might add. You could set up a cheap rig to house a number of these things and increase your chances in catching fish. Great option! Coupled with some artifical bait, and you have the perfect BOB fishing kit. I would so go with 2 of the options above, and you have the ideal preppers fishing kit (along with your bait, local fish guide, hooks, and pliers). Stay away from those survival fishing kits, trust me, I would never trust those with my life. Hope you guys got something out of this, and best of luck.