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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm still bothered by what I was told by a "prepping expert" at the recent Prepper's Convention in Dallas. Obviously we all want to avoid being sent to a FEMA camp. Suppose one night while you're at home with your family the power goes out and minutes later there are bright lights glaring outside and you hear the sound of trucks rolling in, helicopters flying overhead, men yelling orders through bullhorns, people screaming, dogs barking, etc. (you get the picture). After thinking about this I decided on building a hidden safe space in my home. This would be for me & family to escape any such situational "round up" and to use as a storm shelter. However, the "prepping expert" told me that no one can escape being captured by the black op invaders because they'll be using thermal tracking devices. These devices would find us in our safe rooms no matter the thickness or material content; and if we try to escape under cover of darkness. Is it true what he told me about the thermal sensors? And do you think this type of scenario would even happen? DiscerningOne You need both common sense and courage to survive.
  2. brickintubesock

    What I'm Worried About

    What I'm most worried about right now is all those FEMA camps that popped up in the last three years or so, as well as the trains with shackles in them and the hundreds of thousands of casket liners ("Burial vaults" that hold four adult corpses and have flat lids for stacking) which FEMA also made pop up. I know I sound like a paranoid nutcase (something which everyone on this sight can probably lament), but it's true - Hell, it's not hard to find videos showing all the camps and coffin liners on YouTube, and you can find the work orders for Haliburton's KBR division for much of the camp construction, on either the company's website itself, or the government's expenditures account, which I have not done, but have seen done and seen the pictures of. I'm surprised I didn't see anything about this or the National Defense Authorization Act on this forum yet, lol, since the news of it spread like a wildfire on any non-major news source for the last two or three weeks. Have you guys heard of this? I've even seen pictures of the crematory ovens and the list of the known locations of these places. I really hope I'm just buying into some very clever and elaborate hoax involving video and photo editing, because finding out that I'm either stupid or crazy would feel a lot better right now, and maybe I wouldn't be up at 4 AM thinking about the best ways to turn my house into a giant bomb.