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Found 1 result

  1. I live in northeastern rural Pa. the winters here are ridiculous. we are constantly loosing electric or having water pipes freeze up despite precautions. i am a 27 year female with physical disabilities and live with my mother in law who is also handicapped. and my two children ages 5 and 9. my husband lives here but he is most often on the road as a truck driver. i need to know what to have on hand as a bug out bag, a shelter in place bag, and perhaps an auto emergency kit. i find the prefilled packs too heavy for me, and filled with a bunch of useless stuff i dont need. our area is prone to blizzards, flood, tornado, power outages. i know the basics, food water and shelter. but then what? i am considering pepper spray for protection, as i cannot shoot a gun. also wondering what kind of knife would be best for defense. our water is unsafe to drink so i must rely on bottled water. if we had to evacuate the bags cant be too heavy due to our disabilities. i realize that we would need our medications, i was considering water filtration straws. i just dont know what i need. i tend to over prep and pack a lot of useless things that i will never need, and i was wondering if someone could help me nail down the details of the ideal.