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Found 1 result

  1. juzcallmesnake

    Follow the money

    I do applaud Trump for recent taking care of business events BUT.......... A MOAB bomb costs 16 million it killed 36 that means it cost $444,444 per turd, terrorist, miscreant, non high school graduate. Another event to remove a air field cost 59 million and it was telegraphed to limit death to Russians and as sure as little green apples the bad guys bugged out as well the ones that were killed were probably hiding getting drunk on vodka. Here is my thoughts YOU CANNOT WAGE WAR WITHOUT MONEY ! In a world where every dime spent is tracked by walmart kroger best buy and any search causes you a flood of like emails and we KNOW where all the 911 PILOTS hailed from NOW THERE's YOUR PROBLEM. I posted some years ago just how to stop this and no one listened and I can see that none will listen or use common sense now. War can be and is a smoke screen for money to be hidden or shifted. If you want to win you must destroy the enemies will to fight and you do so immediately, find their weakness and exploit it ruthlessly and without conscience it's war not backgammon or chess. This is easy all one has to do is read their rule book this should have been over 17 years ago but if you bother to watch General Wesley Clark's video on youtube well here it is. General Wesley Clark speaks on the war / wars WHO STARTED Isis The issue I see is Trump is getting advice from hammer manufacturers IE every problem is a nail never think outside the box. Psyops is the one and sure way to crush their will not to exacerbate the problem. War against a people that fear PISS, PORK and porn and it's super power to prevent the goal of 72 virgins it's like Kryptonite and is crazy stupid easy -- think about it. we got plenty of piss pork and porn all we got to do is Use it AND WHEN WE SHOW UP THEY WILL RUN LIKE CHILDREN ! AFTER ALL WHO THAT BELIEVES WANTS TO DIE AND GO TO HELL !