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Found 1 result

  1. A friend was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and was provided with a CPAP machine. This machine was paid for by insurance and it cost a bundle the issue is it has telemetry that is not needed so what else does it do some people ask is it the reason that their WIFI has issues it is a veiled threat that if you do not use this at least X amount of hours you will be charged for the machine. in a time where people are pinching pennies why in the world would a CPAP machine require to be connected to the internet ? and more so since it does not call 911 if there is a failure of the human to breath ? Another thing was It had not been able to send data for some reason and it took some time over the phone to get it connected once it did they were told it cold take over 16 (I am guessing as the time of the call) hours to upload the information and if it had not finished by the next day just unhook it and bring in the "CHIP". Another friend was telling me they had a card like a credit card not connected to the NET so by what I can see we are being pushed for and pay for technology we are not EXPLAINED ABOUT pushed on us or advertisements sculpted to make it seem that it is a help or comfort . aid to our daily lives, like your refrigerator can send a grocery list to your smart phone well can it also send your email and personal numbers texts and voice recorded calls ??? Anything that connects to the Internet is hackable we know that many TVs have cameras and microphones or the speakers are able to "HEAR" all sound weather it is off or on ! This all consuming need for exotic toys like gaming machines the new Iphone is suppose to cost over 1,000 bucks and as we heard from news reports it has been hacked and that program was released because someone decided "it needed to be" New tech aimed at the elderly has the ability to listen it is stated that you have to push the button to be heard but DO YOU ? All encryption software from a specific date was required to have a "back door" so that if the powers that ne needed in they could bypass your software and have instant access to your message pictures etc. Here is the real story A gentleman created software that could compress a DVD size file down to less than 100 KB with no loss of information for those of you ho are not technologically informed back in the day it took forever to send a picture and that was more or less a etching / drawing with dots like an old black & white TV set watch the movie "BULLET" and you see how a regular old style phone receiver was popped into a cradle and it was then faxed as a picture it took over a minute a page and nothing fancy --- forward to the mid 1990s and pictures were large files due to new compression technology or JPEG and GIFs the size was greatly reduced we no longer need to save or send as Bitmaps or BMPs and that was with 1440 modem technology today we have speeds thousands of times faster compression that sends lossless images so it can be enlarged to read information on a box across your room ! Back to our gentleman he was found dead and the information research as well as the program was missing --- How convenient if this became publicly available it would make anything spytech it could be the size of a fly have the use of WIFI a microphone camera night vision and cell technology as well as the ability to contain gigabytes of data considering I can buy a flash drive in a nano style up to 128GB or 32 DVDs full of data in the size of a pencil eraser. Everything you say do or where you go by GPS your medical history family tree DNA and work history will fit on less than that with video if that "GENTLEMAN's technology is in the hands of who I think it is. is your shower head video watching you your vehicle radio listening and videoing you is your refrigerator watching you --- you do realize that there have been ideas to restrict people on foodstamps from buying fattening foods ! at what point will people wake up and see this is complete domination of your life once you are on a cashless basis you can be restricted from buying over a pizza a week or at all if your a diabetic or some other medical issue there are endless scenarios where common people would be like today placed on no fly lists restricted travel so your fat and it's 100 degrees and you have 4 bags of groceries and hail a cab but your card wont work because it is too short a distance they want to force you to walk ! if your blind you cannot buy a to a mime concert as your BLIND you can't see a mime at work ..... Tolls you could be charge automatically that sounds neet until public restrooms are all pay toilets what if the power at the top does not like how you voted (like today) will your digital money evaporate ? Since all of us has had nightmares using automated answering services how exactly does anyone think that will not be the same crap once big ol eyeball in the sky has you by the short hairs ? The technology to track record and video you 24 / 7 is already here now it will be contained on a chip no larger than a grain of rice --- if "THEY" can see you naked at the airport and your children at night under the covers THEY COULD STILL SEE YOU ! AND HEAR. The reason why we do not want anyone with that power is called BLACKMAIL it has been said you can indict a ham sandwich people say things all the time politically incorrect and spread rumors how would you like all of the information including lies to be used on you ? or a innocent picture made to look like your cheating on your spouse touching a child inappropriately ???? it's coming and 90+ % of the people don't even see it like this video below blind sided