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Found 2 results

  1. If you're anything like me (or moreso, like my wife), you're drinking at least a couple sodas a day here in pre-TEOTWAWKI times. Unfortunately, lugging around a 12 pack of coke in my bug out bag is impractical and unrealistic, not to mention short-lived as solutions go. While doing research into powdered caffeine alternatives to pack (we don't drink coffee, unfortunately), I discovered Crystal Light Focus and Crystal Light Energy. Weighing in at 80mg and 120mg of caffeine per 16oz bottle, respectively, they seem to be good alternatives, and one box comes with 10 bottles' worth of powder. Suffice it to say, these seem like the best alternative I've found thus far, and they'll be sure to keep my wife and I moving (and sane) when SHTF. Now the good part. We were doing general grocery shopping last night at Meijer, and I noticed that all Crystal Light "On-The-Go" style boxes were on sale for $2 apiece, and right beneath them was a manufacturer's coupon for $1 off 2. That means you're getting 2 boxes ($6 usually?) for $1.50 apiece. And beneath the sale sticker, there was an additional, storewide promotion which, when you buy 8 of certain specially marked products, you get $8 off instantly. The cool thing is, all three of these specials stack. That means, if you buy 8 of these boxes of Crystal Light (10 "servings" apiece), you get each for $0.50 out the door, or $4 for the lot. That's what I call a reasonably priced prep. Anyway, thought I would share. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. Guest

    Survival on a Budget 2.0

    This was a great thread, and really well received. So how about we do a spin on that? I was wondering what you and yours have done to generate or save extra cash so you can buy necessary gear? And just for the heck of it, what item(s) are you saving for right now? We're paring down, and the items leaving to make space in our home for storage are going on Craigslist. And, once a week, I sneak in an extra item on the grocery list, and tuck it in storage. Just started couponing again too. It's amazing how motivated you can be when you have a purpose in mind. How about you? Oh, yeah, we're saving for a Kelley Kettle and a Coleman Stove, cover all the bases. Bug Out, Bug In Off Grid.