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Found 1 result

  1. I came across this project that was created for an exhibition in Prince Charles' royal gardens, of all places. It was sponsored by a couple of corporations and an environmental organization, and the net result was a 250-sq-ft house that could be built in under a week by 4-5 people, using 100 pallets and simple hand tools. On its face, it's an incredibly valuable humanitarian idea. The pallets we create in the U.S. in 1.5 years could house over 33 MILLION refugees, and this is a practical building material in areas where they are receiving international aid that will arrive on pallets. The number of pallets that are currently dumped into landfills EACH YEAR in the U.S. could actually create housing for 40,000. From a prepper standpoint, this could be a good jumping off point for creating outbuildings at BOL - chicken coops, tool storage, bath house, etc. You use tarps to hold wattle material together (think mud, twigs, rocks, concrete, etc. that is used to cover and fill in the pallets, creating insulation and protection from the elements). Once it was well and truly sealed and the wattle sufficiently dried, it would be a fairly snug enclosure - and certainly a huge step up from a tent or lean-to. Depending on what you used to create the wattle, it may actually be rather durable in terms of fire and being fired upon! There are actually a few models of pallet houses shown on the site, some that are as large as 1,600 square feet. But you could certainly cluster together a group of these into a more traditional home set-up (with a living area, kitchen, bedroom, etc.). It would also be useful if you just had pallets and directions on hand in case you wound up taking in more people after TSHTF than you initially had rooms/beds for. Even buying the supplies yourself rather than constructing from found/salvaged materials, the structure would cost around $400 to build. It's certainly worth considering for those of us who are prepping on a budget.