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Found 1 result

  1. TheDefaultHuman

    Pick and Choose

    S has H T F and you need to choose. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The scenario is an EMP, it may be from attackers, solar flare, or anything, you have no clue where it came from. Your driving your car and it breaks down, and all of your every day carry items are magically gone! Your in a sub-urban environment with mostly houses nearby and panicking people, cars have crashed and people are hurt although rioting and violence haven't started (yet), its approx 9 P.M. and dark out. 1. What would you pick to have with you (pick 1)? A. Your favorite knife with a compass, matches, and sewing string. B. Your favorite pistol fully loaded but no extra ammo (concealable). C. $500 Cash (all in 1-20's) D. A fully functioning Zippo, a pack of cigarettes, and a simple pocket knife with no special features. E. Your favorite fully loaded shotgun, no extra ammo. F. A backpack with 3 MRE'S in it (lets say 5000 calories), and a collapsible water bottle (32 oz full). ----- 2. Where is the first place you would go? A. Try to get back home immediately (7 miles away). B. A grocery store (>1mile away did you pick money for the first one, or would you steal?). C. Bug out location, (3 Miles away, and 5 away from your house). D. The police station (>1mile away) E. See if you can help people around town. F. A nearby relatives house who may be in danger (>1m away). --------- Would you change any choice if you seen someone get shot? Would you steal a car or bike? - So yeah you might never be in this situation because of the timing and lack of supplies and etc... but lets say it does happen. - I would pick: 1. B. Your favorite pistol fully loaded but no extra ammo (concealable) Explanation- Call me Russian (im not), but a gun just feels right with me, although my second choice would be the food. 2. A. Try to get back home immediately (7 miles away). Explanation- Well, I don't personally have a BOL yet, I would consider sticking around town for my chance to get vital supplies, or I might go home and then come back. But I would go home first probably because I have no money and, well, electronics are down. If I seen someone get shot I would stick with the pistol for sure, and definitely go home immediately. I wouldn't steal a car unless it was a spur of the moment everyone's dieing situation. --------- I would love to hear your choices and explanations, this is a typical SHTF situation that I don't want to find myself in and would love to hear the options you might pick.