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Found 3 results

  1. If you're anything like me (or moreso, like my wife), you're drinking at least a couple sodas a day here in pre-TEOTWAWKI times. Unfortunately, lugging around a 12 pack of coke in my bug out bag is impractical and unrealistic, not to mention short-lived as solutions go. While doing research into powdered caffeine alternatives to pack (we don't drink coffee, unfortunately), I discovered Crystal Light Focus and Crystal Light Energy. Weighing in at 80mg and 120mg of caffeine per 16oz bottle, respectively, they seem to be good alternatives, and one box comes with 10 bottles' worth of powder. Suffice it to say, these seem like the best alternative I've found thus far, and they'll be sure to keep my wife and I moving (and sane) when SHTF. Now the good part. We were doing general grocery shopping last night at Meijer, and I noticed that all Crystal Light "On-The-Go" style boxes were on sale for $2 apiece, and right beneath them was a manufacturer's coupon for $1 off 2. That means you're getting 2 boxes ($6 usually?) for $1.50 apiece. And beneath the sale sticker, there was an additional, storewide promotion which, when you buy 8 of certain specially marked products, you get $8 off instantly. The cool thing is, all three of these specials stack. That means, if you buy 8 of these boxes of Crystal Light (10 "servings" apiece), you get each for $0.50 out the door, or $4 for the lot. That's what I call a reasonably priced prep. Anyway, thought I would share. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. I am a new pepper, and I am in the process of putting together my first BOB. I would like to get a fixed blade knife to keep in the car and in my everyday bag, that would also be useful camping, hiking, ect. I am a teenager on a low budget, After searching the forums and Amazon I found a few blades for cheap, what do you think of them? I was also considering getting the Bear Grills Ultimate knife. I have about 5 cheap folding knifes I have gotten over the years, my dad gave me a old Survival knife he bought at a yard sale years ago, and one Swiss army pocket knife that is pretty good. and I had to look at sling shots! haha Any suggestions? Links would be helpful. Thanks
  3. I find that when people start looking at prepping a lot of them are dissuaded by the price tag on some of the recommended stockpile list out there. To help counter this I'm going to try an throw together a list of things that are very inexpensive and easy to just pick one or two things every time you go to the store. even though the title says under $20 most of the list is under $5 Food the list of food items to stoke up on varies from person to person so I'm not going to say much other then grabbing one or 2 things every time is a good way to start. First aid Isopropyl Alcohol Hydrogen peroxide Gauze assorted sizes Athletic tape Coban Tweezers Non latex gloves(you never know who will be allergic) Antibiotic ointment Bandaids Antiseptic Towelettes Triangular Bandage Metal scissors If you feel you need more most of the sterile gauze and bandages don't cost much Generic medication Multivitamins Foot powder ibuprofen antacid tablets Imodium!! antihistamines Dramamine Tylenol Camping stuff Bulk Matches bandana 550 cord Fishing tackle Fishing line Flashlight Lighters Hardware store Nails screws Duct tape Hand tools Zip ties floral wire WD40 Misc Sewing kit Garbage bags Bucket Aluminum foil Sharpie Manual can opener fishing line Batteries Disposable razors Soap Bleach(water purification) Those little candles that I use in jack-o-lanterns (not birthday verity) those resealable container (more durable then ziplock baggies) Toilet paper Gun stuff Gun cleaning solvent Gun cleaning patches gun cleaning oil Bulk 22 ammo smaller amounts of most other ammo Just about everything here cost less then a fast food meal so next time your eating a burger for lunch think "this is 100 22 rounds worth of money" or "this is half a gallon of Isopropyl Alcohol" Anyone else have stuff to add to the list of "Cheap preps"