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Found 5 results

  1. TheDefaultHuman

    $50 for prepping

    I make some spare money via eBay although that isn't going perfect right now, I have made $50 and bought some things I needed. I bought multiple pocket knives, mostly spring assisted but 1 is a sturdy handle one. I bought dogtags, a zippo, a fishing net, a military paracord bracelet, seeds, and a few things here and there. But I actually have $50 and need to buy some things for prepping, what would you recommend? I need to make a Bug out Bag soon, but if I buy the bag I wont have much too add. But I was considering getting an ALICE bag, but people said there very uncomfortable. And I would have to get it used... BUT, what should I spend my $50 on? And I might be getting $30 in a week so what should I spend that on? What I was considering was: A good knife, A backpack, Pepper spray (only $10 on sale right now) Non GMO, homegrown seeds (I have some). Investing in long-term items that may go up. Investing back in my small business which is buying and re-selling things (it works out fairly well) A grow light too grow my seeds inside because its too cold outside. Old coins from 1940 or less (which I have been collecting forever) A 16gb flash drive. Or what should I get? I'm not sure, at the moment I'm not interesting in stockpiling food, but would rather get things to make food myself or something. One thing I've really wanted (but cost $200) is a rappelling rope, I know how to make a rope-bridge and how to tie rappelling knots and how to rappel. I'm just so puzzled, I've never had money before like this every in my whole life so its a new thing too me. What should I spend it on? Thanks
  2. TheDefaultHuman

    Buying Highly Informational Books

    I don't fancy a kindle I fancy raw paper books with knowledge on each page. Just throwing it out there, if you have books you no-longer need because you already read them 6 times then I may buy them, but they have to..... ~Not be a novel or story (unless its based on something real) ~Has to have good updated information, (I read a survival book from 1994 that was still basically up to date) ~Has to teach me something I hope that made sense, just post pics of the book or post a title name, or both. If a book has pictures then its all the more interesting. Also books have discounted shipping usually! I'm not interested in 1000 page car manuals, used college textbooks, or anything preschool status. Although I figure you figured that. I'll pay anywhere from $1-5-ish depending on the book. This might only be for the people who actually own a bookshelf Some things I'm interested in are, how to skin and chop up animals for food storage (deer, rabbits, bear, etc...), maybe hunting manuals too, farming guides, various survival guides, prepper guides, rope tying books, species(trees,fungi,snakes/animals) identifying books, and anything of the like.
  3. TheDefaultHuman

    Need Low-Cost knives? Spring assisted?

    I was debating what forum section to put this in, and I am NOT the vendor, but I purchase from this store all the time. They sell spring assisted knives for close too $5 each, I have bought multiple and would like to say they work great and have no problems after a month of use. They are very sharp, durable, and most are assisted open. You would have to start an eBay to buy from this store, but eBay is pretty amazing for preppers anyways. Again, if this is in the wrong forum moderators, feel free to let me know or delete it/move it.
  4. SEAN

    Lets make a trade

    IN CELEBRATION FOR THE NEW BUY SELL TRADE IM GOING TO OFFER THIS AS A TRADE I need 4 non used / brand new COMPACT sleeping bags. Rated for 15-30 below zero. Must be compact not some large bulky sleeping bag. Or a 4 man NORTHFACE TENT. I will in return give you a TRADE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL CUSTOMIZABLE WORD PRESS WEBSITE + 1 LOGO + 1 FONT LOGO ( website set up for you to update, blog, change, maintain yourself ) We will also add keywords, tags, set up social media sites and everything else that will bring you up in search engines. Im a designer / graphic designer / Marketing specialist / ARTIST based out of NYC / I also own a popular food truck in Manhattan and Catering company. / / - THESE ARE MY WEBSITES OF THE COMPANIES I OWN. A CUSTOMIZED WEBSITE + 2 LOGOS WOULD RUN YOU WELL OVER 3K IF APPROACHED AS A BUSINESS DEAL. I GET 1,000 STARTING FOR LOGOS. LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN. I Have other trading options aswell.
  5. SurvivalCache

    Read this First!

    We think this could be a good way for you folks to move gear around and help each other and yourselves. All we ask is that you: 1. Use common sense in how you go about doing this with each other. 2. Treat people you are working with as well as you yourself would like to be treated. We have newbies trying to get decent gear to start out with and more experienced folks looking to upgrade or update. If you're buying or trading, fulfill your end by doing it on time and if you're selling or trading make sure you explain properly the condition of the equipment etc. It's probably a good idea to stay away from trying to sell ammunition or weapons on this forum just so we don't make anyone feel too nervous about our good community here. There will probably be more to add to this as time goes on but those are the big things that come to mind right away. Oh yes one last thing and probably the most important. SurvivalCache is in no way responsible for the transactions that happen here. In other words the owners of this forum will not be able to reimburse you or be held liable for any damages or losses due to transactions that happen here. We hope that everyone has good experiences but understand that there are risks involved when you trade, buy or sell things with other parties. If we get too many bad experiences then this part of the forum will be removed or otherwise altered in an attempt to mitigate or eliminate that from happening. Enough rules! Have fun and good prepping! Thanks, The Survival Cache Team