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Found 1 result

  1. I have 18ft Chaparral bay boat with a mercury 3L engine that I use for recreational purposes, I love my boat and being out on the water. So I thought that since the weather will start to warm up very soon out here in beautiful Southern California I should reevaluate what I carry on my boat aside from what is required to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard i.e. life jackets, flares, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, oar/paddle, and radio communication. So here is a list of items i carry with me on outing no matter the length of time ill be out. - 1 case of bottled water - 2 bags of cvs snacks pretzels and chips sort of thing - 1 Life Gear LED flashlight/spotlight *see description below. - fishing tackle box and 3 poles (if im out early) - 1 fully charged 80g Ipod to blast some tunes - green and red glow sticks 2 of each (port and starboard markers on the bow) - 1 G.I. poncho - mooring/docking line about 30 ft - 50ft of bungees cord tow line for the inner tube - 1 spray can sunscreen - 1 suncreen lotion tube - 2 cans of tanning lotion, which was left behind by white people lol I tan naturally - 2 fixed blade knives - 1 cooler with about 10lbs of ice - hand tools limp home repair items I dont have a bimini top just a canopy type thing that incloses the entire boat from the front glass to the back. Sometimes I carry my S&W governor and load it with PDX defender .410 or Federal .410 000 Buck, but that was only out in Mississippi I and still a little fuzzy on if I can do that here in California although I think Im good to go. I also never go out alone. In the next few weeks I will be adding a bow light just incase. * this life gear light is awesome it has a red light that will remain solid or blink and is water tight, so it floats and it also has a water tight compartment that I stuffed with zip ties, matches, lighter, hand warmers, benedryl, nausea pill, pen, and some spider wire and hooks with clinch weights. Look it up its great for any type of emergency type situation and runs on 4 AA batteries. I guess thats all I can think about at the moment, I follow all the rules of boating and leave notes and fb where i will be launching my boat from the standard stuff. Im open to advice and critiquing and would like to know what special gear you might carry in your boat.