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Found 3 results

  1. Since I have just started putting preps together, I have been planning my BoBs, and of course knives have been an essential part of my plan. I was looking at having a Benchmade Presidio Combo Edge as my EDC, having a Ontario Air Force Knife, a 8” Kukri and a Geber Gator Machete. I would love the perry blade or similar Damascus steel blade, but I need to be selective with funds. My wife asked:confused:, why not have the folding utility knives with the easily replaceable blades like Since you can get a normal blade, a hook blade for gutting and cleaning game, we even have a saw blade for it. I can't blame her for asking the question, in fact it is pretty smart and I didn't have a good response in favor or against. What are the drawbacks for having this as a small knife in the preps?
  2. To give my disclaimer about this first off, I dont go for these kinds of knives for actual field usage but I went ahead and purchased a knife from the Les Stroud Series by Camillus out of pure curiosity. This is the Mountain Model. Keep in mind this is my overall first impressions. I will do a more extent review on this after I get out and use it in the field. Cost This knife is very affordable. They go for around $50 give or take. Appearance Bright green, grey, and black with a shiny signal mirror on the sheath. I dont think this is gimmicky because it does have its advantages. For one, it makes it easier to find when you drop your knife on the ground. Trust me, we've all done it! Blade The most important part is the knife blade itself. The blade is made of 440 stainless steel which is a very strong steel and easily sharpened. There is also a non stick coating on the blade. This is handy if youll be using it to prepare food. The blade is drop point with about 1/4 of it serrated. Im not a big fan of serrations but if you want them you don't want it taking up most of the knife blade so good job by Mr. Stroud on this one. Also, the blade is full tang so it won't just snap off the handle. Handle Bright and grippy. Most of it is rubberized making it extremely comfortable for extended use. It also has a steel pommel for hammering tasks. Sheath The sheath is made of a ballistic nylon and plastic compartments. The knife locks in securely and straps in nice so the danger of it falling out is minimal. On the outside, there is a signal mirror. Brilliant. Not only does it make the sheath easy to find, it can also aid in getting that piece of dirt out of your eye or pull that tooth. Not to mention the obvious task of signaling your rescuers. I will also add that with the signal mirror being on the outside of the sheath, your are signalling just walking around! Also, there is a good bit of cordage wrapped around the sheath. It doesnt look like true paracord, but it is some good cordage. So I wont fault it for that. Also inside the sheath, a firesteel. Obvious plus. Then on the other side, you have a whistle and a small LED flashlight. The whistle isnt that loud, but its there. Oh well. The flashlight isnt bad, but it does take smaller batteries. I would have rather seen it using just a single AAA. There is a small storage compartment behind the mirror that would probably hold something like matches, tinder, or medication. On the back of the sheath is a small, mesh compartment that has a little survival guide written by Stroud himself. The Verdict For the price and what you get in the package, I like it. Most are saying that this is Les Stroud's sell out to compete with the Bear Grylls Knife, however I see more thought put into the overall build of this knife. I will take this out and do some tests with it and give you my thoughts on that in a later post. MODS: First thing I did was I yanked that cordage this knife came with and added some true 550 cord. I also took the whistle and notched the hole a little wider and now its much louder. I recommend these modifications to anyone interested in this knife.
  3. I am a new pepper, and I am in the process of putting together my first BOB. I would like to get a fixed blade knife to keep in the car and in my everyday bag, that would also be useful camping, hiking, ect. I am a teenager on a low budget, After searching the forums and Amazon I found a few blades for cheap, what do you think of them? I was also considering getting the Bear Grills Ultimate knife. I have about 5 cheap folding knifes I have gotten over the years, my dad gave me a old Survival knife he bought at a yard sale years ago, and one Swiss army pocket knife that is pretty good. and I had to look at sling shots! haha Any suggestions? Links would be helpful. Thanks