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Found 1 result

  1. New evidence a chemical found in foxglove, a deadly plant known to cause heart failure when ingested, was found in the spinal fluid and ocular fluid of Justice Antonin Scalia I can only imagine how the left would act if this was in reverse --- OH sorry forgot Vince Foster and about a hundred other poor souls but it is alright if "THEY" do it. article With so many false flags lies rumors and trolls it is hard to get a real perspective, apparently the deep state or political rogues have considered themselves untouchable. Another article relates the claw back of money of some unemployed politicians has pulled the plug on internet trolls and bias and rallies as the funding is evaporating. If this is true then a person who is a paid asset to destabilize our government is a traitor by definition and should be arrested and imprisoned ASAP. My real problem is that film, music and media personalities have made direct threats against or have expressed someone should harm our president, I am pissed that they are getting a pass as we have yet to see a perp walk on these vermin ! Should anyone recall any of my posts from many years ago I detest and despise the elimination of politicians or figures as it promotes a martyr complex and creates a vacuum in where false assertions, contrived stories / mythology that become a rally point for agitators, It is better to allow a person to bury themselves with their actions deeds and words like Nancy Pelosi the more you listen the more anyone within hearing realizes "she's as crazy as a outhouse rat." IMO “In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.” ― Judith Lewis Herman. funny but this author has made a Freudian slip using HIS, and HE IMHO.