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Found 3 results

  1. brickintubesock

    Any Machinegunners Here?

    Any machinegunners here, or does anyone know where I could get pictures of how they pack? I know the military even tells you how to pack a duffel, so I imagine there'd be pictures somewhere. I've noticed they have to carry a lot in their combat rigs, so I was gonna' see if I could get some tips on how they pack all of it, especially when it comes to ammunition and odd bulk items like extra barrels, for instance. While I don't plan on bringing a 240 with me anywhere, I think they might have a good packing style that I should check out.
  2. Guest

    Storing Loaded Magazines

    Everything I have read so far about loading magazines for long term storage seems to indicate that it is not a problem and the springs wear out more from using the magazine (compression to decompression) than from sitting in a compressed state for long periods of time, however I wonder.... I've never had a problem so far but was thinking I'd stir the pot a little bit and see if anyone had any strong opinions/examples to support or debunk this hypothesis. Thanks!
  3. TahoeShane

    *Reno Gun Show*

    Is anyone going to the Reno gun show this weekend? If you've never been, it's a good one! Heads up though. There have been instances where the Fed's have set up booths and sold items not legal in Ca. then waited for the buyers to enter into Ca then arrest them. Be smart!!