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Found 1 result

  1. JohnDoe1999

    WROL/SHTF Does Not Equal WAR

    I've been seeing and hearing a lot of talk about combat carbines and some seriously ridiculous firepower. Firstly, I'm not anti assault weapon (yeah, I mean select fire) or anti militia, and that's not the debate I want have with this. I feel that in most situations WROL/SHTF doesn't equal war and therefore doesn't require military weapons capabilities. The only exception I could think of is a community on community conflict. However, for most realistic events, I think that a 3 gun arsenal of: 12 Gauge Shotgun, bolt action Deer rifle, and pistol is sufficient for WROL. Let's imagine three scenarios: Scenario 1: Organizing a neighborhood/community defense with sufficient man power to have shift based: fixed positions, road blocks, over-watch positions, security patrols, and a quick reaction force. Firstly, no gang or "raiders" will attack a location with that much security. They would assume that this outpost has resources and try to infiltrate a thief. Harassing fire could be used as a diversionary tactic or even revenge attack (depending on what happened to the thief.) In either case, a scoped hunting rifle would provide an effective response. In this scenario 12 gauge shotguns and deer rifles would get the job done! No need for fire and maneuver with Ak47s. Scenario 2: Getting mugged and attacked for your shoes... Most street attacks happen at very close range, besides, why would your attackers want you to see them coming from 100yds off? Fernan Ferfal said that the muggers after the Argentina collapse were not obvious. Let's say a sniper targets you? You would probably be dead anyways, but if they missed, you should probably just run away! The longer you shoot at them or advance the more likely you are to be shot! Also, in conditions where open carry of long guns may be too high profile or conspicuous, a pistol is more flexible. Scenario 3: SHTF Bug out car-jacking. (I don't recommend this option but many arm chair survivalists seem to endorse it) Let's say you drive into a an "L" ambush with crossfires? You're probably already dead, and if you do survive, these operations are generally conducted at under 35 meters so a fighting rifle is unnecessary. Another thought, panicked LEO's or martial law conditions would probably mean that a vehicle with fighting rifles sticking out of it or even just visible in it would be: a. shot to pieces, b. have it's weapons confiscated (think Katrina) and or c. have it's occupants arrested. If you drove through a checkpoint with only a pistol, unless you were thoroughly searched you'd probably be fine. The most likely carjacking event would be sitting in a traffic jam and a desperate family man who has run out gas puts a 9mm to the driver's head. You could sure bring a pistol to his head faster than you could maneuver an AR15. Besides, you still have your colt because it wasn't confiscated at the checkpoint remember? Give me your opinions gentleman and ladies, positive or negative, you won't hurt my feelings. Happy prepping.