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Found 4 results

  1. Gubblegum

    What Would You Do?

    I kinda expected this forum to be more discussion of actions in the case of a zombie apocalypse, but the few posts I've looked at so far are mainly talking about zombie books and movies. So I've decided to do something about it. I'm really curious...what would you do in the case of a zombie apocalypse? In case you need a scenario to start off the discussion, I decided to make one. (Just...pretend you're in the scenario below): Roughly six hours ago, you were watching the 5 o'clock news. Everything seemed normal... the weather was acting up again, though. All of a sudden, the program cuts off to a "special message" broadcast. You can hardly believe your ears as a gruesome reporter tells you that there's been an outbreak of some sort of disease that is turning people to blood-thirsty cannibals. You thought zombies were just fiction, but here you are stuck in an apocalypse. Being a prepper, you know you have a few months' worth of food in the pantry, as well as a few guns and ammo, and your packed and ready BOB (although you don't know if that's the smartest decision at the moment). You have an underground root cellar about 100 meters from your house, under the wood shed. You live a few miles from the nearest city, in a two-story house in the woods... you have a ham radio in your room to contact others, so perhaps it would be safer to just stay. What do you do? I think this thread might just turn out to be me writing different scenarios for people (including myself) to discuss. So here's what I would do... I quickly check to make sure all the doors and windows are locked. For the time being, the plan is to bug in until the situation gets so despicable there really isn't anything left to do but leave. After checking the doors and windows, I hurry to find things I could stack against the exits, in case anybody wants to get in... the couch ends up in front of the front door, and I try to block the windows with anything I can find: pieces of tarp, carpet, or rug, mostly. I know they wouldn't do much, but the plan is to get at least some cover behind the windows and board them up once I can get a steady supply of wood. The wood would warrant a trip to the shed and root cellar, but I don't want to risk it when the situation outside is yet unknown. Perhaps I'll try to contact a few people on the ham radio later, but for now I fill a bag with food from the pantry and lock myself into my room. There's a window to the outside, so I'll see if anybody tries to break in, but I quickly add another layer of tarp over it. For now, I think, the situation is stable. So, yeah...what would you do?
  2. chivalae

    The Real Zombies

    Hi Chivalae here this is my first post. I've always been a survivalist at heart, really took it seriously about 5 years ago and started prepping about 12 months ago. I've always been a big fan of zombie movies but never seriously considered that they really could exsist. The other day I was thinking about survival planning and I had a revelation that I wanted to share. (If I'm late coming to the party on this one, please be nice) I shared my revelation with a couple people and they got this odd look and then said. "You're right, I never thought of it like that. Zombies will exsist, they are a metaphor for the majority of the population after TEOTWAWKI How so? you ask 1. Zombies are undead aka the walking dead. After TEOTWAWKI those people, the ones who haven't prepped, haven't prepared, have no plan and have no survival skills. They will most likely become casualities and therefore they are the walking dead, it's just a matter of how long it will take. Whether they perish by violence, disease, starvation, ect. 2. What do Zombies do? They feed on the living. They are parasites that spead by feeding on the living. After TEOTWAWKI the zombies (as defined in #1) will seek out those who have planned, prepped, and have resources and will try to feed on them by taking what they have. food, water, whatever. Either by asking (begging), offering to buy with useless currency, or taking by force. Those preyed upon by these zombies will most likely be overwhelmed as more and more come for their resources until those well-prepared individuals are then themselves transformed into zombies by having their resources depleted and they too now have the options of either sucumbing to death or preying upon others who have resources and thereby continuing to spread the zombie plague. I would be most interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this. But if I'm just figuring our that this has been a metaphor all along, just be nice.
  3. JohnDoe1999

    WROL/SHTF Does Not Equal WAR

    I've been seeing and hearing a lot of talk about combat carbines and some seriously ridiculous firepower. Firstly, I'm not anti assault weapon (yeah, I mean select fire) or anti militia, and that's not the debate I want have with this. I feel that in most situations WROL/SHTF doesn't equal war and therefore doesn't require military weapons capabilities. The only exception I could think of is a community on community conflict. However, for most realistic events, I think that a 3 gun arsenal of: 12 Gauge Shotgun, bolt action Deer rifle, and pistol is sufficient for WROL. Let's imagine three scenarios: Scenario 1: Organizing a neighborhood/community defense with sufficient man power to have shift based: fixed positions, road blocks, over-watch positions, security patrols, and a quick reaction force. Firstly, no gang or "raiders" will attack a location with that much security. They would assume that this outpost has resources and try to infiltrate a thief. Harassing fire could be used as a diversionary tactic or even revenge attack (depending on what happened to the thief.) In either case, a scoped hunting rifle would provide an effective response. In this scenario 12 gauge shotguns and deer rifles would get the job done! No need for fire and maneuver with Ak47s. Scenario 2: Getting mugged and attacked for your shoes... Most street attacks happen at very close range, besides, why would your attackers want you to see them coming from 100yds off? Fernan Ferfal said that the muggers after the Argentina collapse were not obvious. Let's say a sniper targets you? You would probably be dead anyways, but if they missed, you should probably just run away! The longer you shoot at them or advance the more likely you are to be shot! Also, in conditions where open carry of long guns may be too high profile or conspicuous, a pistol is more flexible. Scenario 3: SHTF Bug out car-jacking. (I don't recommend this option but many arm chair survivalists seem to endorse it) Let's say you drive into a an "L" ambush with crossfires? You're probably already dead, and if you do survive, these operations are generally conducted at under 35 meters so a fighting rifle is unnecessary. Another thought, panicked LEO's or martial law conditions would probably mean that a vehicle with fighting rifles sticking out of it or even just visible in it would be: a. shot to pieces, b. have it's weapons confiscated (think Katrina) and or c. have it's occupants arrested. If you drove through a checkpoint with only a pistol, unless you were thoroughly searched you'd probably be fine. The most likely carjacking event would be sitting in a traffic jam and a desperate family man who has run out gas puts a 9mm to the driver's head. You could sure bring a pistol to his head faster than you could maneuver an AR15. Besides, you still have your colt because it wasn't confiscated at the checkpoint remember? Give me your opinions gentleman and ladies, positive or negative, you won't hurt my feelings. Happy prepping.
  4. To you 'clandestine operatives' of survival, I ask Only that you listen for a minute. When I learned about the Nat Geo series "Doomsday Preppers" (begins Feb 7, 2012), my wife was thrilled I could show the world my new Survival Tool prototype. "Stop", I told her. "Understand that in a Crisis, everyone on Earth that watches will know we have some food, water & weapons." We asked Nat Geo to paint a target on our house; they laughed. I didn't. Sometimes we are all paranoid about 'our supplies' BUT Please follow my reasoning and then make up your mind. You can't hide. After the "Event", THEY will show up. The Zombies Are Coming! The unprepared (in a social breakdown / no utilities situation) will dehydrate quickly, wandering around crying or wondering what to do now that their comforts are gone. More become Zombies daily as supplies run out and dehydration slows their brains and bodies. Face reality - if you are 'in public' at Self Reliance, Gun, Outdoor, RV & other shows, people will assume you are 'at least Preppers'. I watch for allies - people who show EDC items like paracord 'clothes', clip knives, multifunction tools, proper backpacks, etc. At the gun range? Most human communication is non-verbal. What is it that Makes Us Human? Science looked at our Thumbs, Tools usage & communication. It was none of these. Humans will cooperate on projects - even if it only helps someone else and provides no immediate direct benefit. Think of strangers who pull other strangers from burning cars. That's Human. Tell no one and people will still find you as they scavenge. The trait that makes Zombies scary IS they never stop coming. I pick public education. The more people I awaken to "Be Better Prepared", the more allies I have and the less Zombies I'll fight. Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared™ PS: Nat Geo's "Doomsday Preppers" begins Feb. 7, 2012 - our episode will be "around the end of March or Early April" 2012. IF it makes the final version, I demonstrate my Prototype of my EDC Rescue Tool - a people's tool.