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Found 4 results

  1. Zombie is my bitch

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    ok i,ve decided to try my hand at a discusion. what 4 weapons would you carry with you in the zombie apocalypse. factors to consider: weight, reliebility, durability, personal comfort, price, and how commen the ammo (if a gun,bow,projectile lancher) is. bounus point if you really own. so far I have: * a coleman hachet. yeah that pretty much it. :-(
  2. Guest

    Storing Loaded Magazines

    Everything I have read so far about loading magazines for long term storage seems to indicate that it is not a problem and the springs wear out more from using the magazine (compression to decompression) than from sitting in a compressed state for long periods of time, however I wonder.... I've never had a problem so far but was thinking I'd stir the pot a little bit and see if anyone had any strong opinions/examples to support or debunk this hypothesis. Thanks!
  3. To you 'clandestine operatives' of survival, I ask Only that you listen for a minute. When I learned about the Nat Geo series "Doomsday Preppers" (begins Feb 7, 2012), my wife was thrilled I could show the world my new Survival Tool prototype. "Stop", I told her. "Understand that in a Crisis, everyone on Earth that watches will know we have some food, water & weapons." We asked Nat Geo to paint a target on our house; they laughed. I didn't. Sometimes we are all paranoid about 'our supplies' BUT Please follow my reasoning and then make up your mind. You can't hide. After the "Event", THEY will show up. The Zombies Are Coming! The unprepared (in a social breakdown / no utilities situation) will dehydrate quickly, wandering around crying or wondering what to do now that their comforts are gone. More become Zombies daily as supplies run out and dehydration slows their brains and bodies. Face reality - if you are 'in public' at Self Reliance, Gun, Outdoor, RV & other shows, people will assume you are 'at least Preppers'. I watch for allies - people who show EDC items like paracord 'clothes', clip knives, multifunction tools, proper backpacks, etc. At the gun range? Most human communication is non-verbal. What is it that Makes Us Human? Science looked at our Thumbs, Tools usage & communication. It was none of these. Humans will cooperate on projects - even if it only helps someone else and provides no immediate direct benefit. Think of strangers who pull other strangers from burning cars. That's Human. Tell no one and people will still find you as they scavenge. The trait that makes Zombies scary IS they never stop coming. I pick public education. The more people I awaken to "Be Better Prepared", the more allies I have and the less Zombies I'll fight. Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared™ PS: Nat Geo's "Doomsday Preppers" begins Feb. 7, 2012 - our episode will be "around the end of March or Early April" 2012. IF it makes the final version, I demonstrate my Prototype of my EDC Rescue Tool - a people's tool.
  4. Has anyone ever thought of testing the Taurus Judge as a survival tool? There are a few considerations, like the variable ammo one can use, 000 buck to 45 colt. Also with a polymer frame it can be very light to pack for self defense and small game hunting. Because there are fewer moving parts than an autoloading pistol less can go wrong in a crisis situation. If you find a dud round just stroke the trigger again. any thoughts?