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Found 1 result

  1. The Basics Of Unarmed Fighting: I and some Martial Artists of Fight have compiled an unofficial list of fighting Guidelines. I don’t want to say rules, because there aren’t any in fighting and you’ll have to break them from time to time, but there are certain things that are effective in a fight and things you should really try to avoid. 1)Don’t go to the ground. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, and other grappling arts are very valuable things to know, and they just might save your life. But, if you take a fight to the ground unnecessarily, you become vulnerable to stomps, head smashing on the ground, AND if your assailant has friends that start kicking/stomping you, you have nowhere to go. 2)Don’t Kick Above The Waist. This is a touchy subject among fighters, because so many different martial arts emphasize head kicks and flashy spin kicks. But in a real fight, the risks of high kicks outweigh the benefits. You’re putting yourself in a position where you’re unbalanced and you can be easily knocked over. And then you’re on the ground. For ground fighting please refer to Guideline #1. 3)Always Assume The Worst. If you’re thinking fist fight and the other guy is thinking knife fight to the death, you’re in for a world of hurt. So, always assume that the other is armed and/or has backup and be prepared to deal with that. 4)K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid. The simplest attacks like the leg kick and Jab-Cross combo are the things most likely to work. So, keep the UFC Spinning Back-Fists and Billy Jack Crescent Kicks out of the fight. ESPECIALLY if you don’t actually know how to do those moves. 5)Keep Your ‘Box’ Closed. This means keep your elbows tucked in, your arms close, and your fists guarding your face. Not all, but most un-trained fighters will be throwing one of three types of punches: The Haymaker, a wide hook, or a hybrid of the two that looks kind of like a hammer fist to the body. All of those come from outside ‘the box’, so if you keep it closed, you’re fairly well protected from them. Only Bruce Lee can fight like this.[ATTACH=CONFIG]1720[/ATTACH] 6)Fight Dirty. This is not a high school fight were talking about. It’s life or death. So break his fingers if you go to the ground, bite, eye gouge, groin shot, etc. Basic Fighting Techniques: How To Punch: Blocking A Punch: Basic Holds: Takedowns And Ground Fighting: Dirty Fighting: Other Info Of Interest: I also wanted to include a quote in here somewhere: “A man can’t stand, he can’t fight. A man can’t breathe, he can’t fight. A man can’t see, he can’t fight.” –From The Karate Kid. I wanted to throw this quote in because, although the Karate Kid isn’t a great learning source for Martial Arts, this is actually solid advice in my opinion. If you attack the throat and he can’t breathe, he’s stunned long enough for you to leave. If you break his kneecap with a kick, he can’t get back up and fight you. If you attack the eyes, it’ll be hard to fight you if he can’t see you. Fighting Armed Attackers: I’m not very knowledgeable about disarming guns, and I have absolutely NO experience with it, so I won’t try to give advice on it. But I can point out a few basic things on fighting against a knife or blunt weapon. Knives: “Knives are easy to hide. They don’t jam, and they never run out of bullets.” -From ‘Wanted’. The main danger of knives comes from there versatility. If you grab someone’s wrist and they are holding a knife, they just twist their wrist, slash yours and then gut you. Yeah. They can be used in a wide devastating slashing motion or they can be used as quick stabs. They can be used in hammer grip or back handed. They can be hidden in a pocket or held in the hand where you can’t see it. They best way for someone untrained in knife work is to 'drive' through the attack. This means you need to see the knife coming and push the hand back toward the attacker while at the same time making a motion like you are pushing a car. I know that can sound a little confusing, but that’s the best way I can phrase it. Some people will tell you to take the knife into the arm to trap it. Don’t. There is no point in injuring yourself without need. And remember, a knife is just as dangerous on the ground as standing up. Don’t grapple. Bats and Batons: These are not as dangerous as a gun or a knife but still very dangerous. The main power of a stick weapon is the very tip. This is the fastest moving part and has the most energy. If you swing a bat you can feel the force trying to pull it out of your hand. There are two basic ways of defending from stick weapons. The first is backing out of the arc of attack, waiting for it to pass, then attacking on the open side of the body. This takes timing and if you can I would recommend practicing slowly with a friend. The second one is attacking before the attacker can move the weapon into attack position. Most likely he has a bat. These take a little work to move around. Shoot in on the inside. Attack the attackers functions. The key to fighting a stick armed attack is getting close to the attacker. Just think of them as really heavy haymakers. Fighting Multiple Attackers: -Hit n' run: if this fight situation seems fatal, Throw your hits, make some distance, then get the hell outta there! Run to a public area like a Wal-Mart or a church, people would be less likely to jump you in a decently guarded store! -Use obstacle to your advantage, but be careful. Run in between cars, and hop fences, but STAY visible to the public. -Be wary of the locations of the attackers at all times, to the best of your ability. Note the ones that are wielding knives, or are extremely aggressive. -If you have no other option but to stand your ground and fight, then you will seriously need to show some ferociousness. When attacking, scream and roar. Scare them off, and do as much damage as possible. Aim for eyes, throat, groin, ears, --bite, scratch, elbow, head butt, etc. -Attack weak points on the body, nose, throat, eyes, testicles, kidneys, jugular veins, sides of the knees, solar plexus. Fighting Larger Attackers: Chances are you might have to fight someone larger than you. So, it’s probably smart to keep a few things in mind when doing so. If someone is fat they probably are going to weigh more than you, so this means that: - If neither of you are trained then they will probably have the harder punches. (more weight = more power) - When the fight gets into some grabbing or goes to the ground their added weight is going to make it a lot harder for you shove them around and if they get on top of you then you're in some trouble. But this doesn't mean you should succumb to defeat. Keep moving, keep striking, look for sweeps and up kicks. Use any ground experience that you have and try to get the dominant position or to get back up again. Just be careful! - Their weight also means that they are likely to be slower; in moving around, in throwing techniques and getting out of the way of things. You need to use this to your advantage! A few other things on fat people: - Mostly they will get tired quicker than thinner people, this isn't always going to happen but it is pretty common. - The fat acts as a bit of a cushion, protecting the body. It means they are less likely to get hurt by body shots, however it doesn't protect other areas anymore than normal. Now for some tips on fighting them: (NB this is where it helps if you have some training) - Remembering the things I mentioned before the first thing is to keep your distance. If they are going to be throwing hard punches then you don't want to be caught by it. So keep them at a distance, move around. Don't get too carried away, you still need to win the fight and all. This also means that you won't get taken down by their superior weight. - Be fast. When you strike at them you have to try do it quickly and when moving away from them do it quickly. Let them chase you. - Tire them out. If you're moving, making them miss, then they will get tired. The tired they get, the worse they become. So if you have time go for it. - Don’t forget to use dirty tactics if you get in trouble, kick them in the balls, poke them in the eyes, whatever... It's about winning not about getting points for being a gentleman! - Always remember to play to your strengths and avoid theirs. So like I've said above; don’t do anything that lets them use their weight and at the same time do things that you can do well. - Throw your punches in combos. Using mostly straight punches (your longest ranged punches), step in, throw a combo, then step out of range (with your hands up and guarding). - If you can kick use that to stay out at range. But only if you are trained to kick. Otherwise it is too risky. Even if you are trained don't go above the waist: there is too much risk of being taken down. So there's some pretty general tips on fighting fatter people.