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Found 2 results

  1. shadowplyr

    treklight hammock

    so if any of you are like me, waking up with ants/ticks/spiders all over you is NEVER fun, so i was looking for a way to stay off the ground and comfortable without carrying alof of extra weight. enter the treklight hammock. this little guy fits in a 1 pound pack and will compress to just about the size of my fist so it is great for not adding alot of weight or taking up alot of space in the bag. it also holds up to 400LBS which im sure is the safety rating and could probably hold more. i set it up in 4 minutes (yes i timed it) on the first time using it with just some paracord and 2 load rated carabiner's as you can see in the pic. hopped in and i was comfortable and off the ground and happy. Pro's; lightweight, durable material, heavy load rating, compressable, does its job Con's; NOT waterproof, doesnt come with equipment to hang. BUT.... the site does sell a tarp to hang over you that is waterproof and a rope and biner bundle so you can hang it so the option is there, but with a little knowledge of knots you can make your own way to hang it. it retails for 64.99 for the single hammock which is 10ft long and 5 ft wide. overall i would say it is worth the price, especially if you want to sleep in comfort and off the ground.
  2. SC Enthusiasts: Here is our opportunity to provide fellow interested SC members with critical reviews of gear we find useful, of high quality, cost effective, and has practical applications. I have done product reviews for the hunting and shooting industry for 30+ years and will from time to time post recommended products here and on the home page. One thing I require of any supplier or manufacturer is to put the product in my hands so I can use it live or have other friends pace it. I do not write reviews based on press releases or articles in fluff outdoor magazines. The thing is you can do the same thing and it provides valuable information and insights for all of us. If you run across a really good product, buy it, use it, break it, or throw it away, then let us know. We'll all benefit from everyone's experience and maybe waste a little less money and time, which come to think of it is the same thing these days. Look to hear from you.