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Found 2 results

  1. brickintubesock

    BOL Camouflage

    Hi everybody. I've all but decided on building a BOL that basically amounts to a structure which is covered except for a ground level roof and a set of steps, and I'm looking to camo those areas, but the shipping containers I'm making the structure out of can't support too much weight on top, so I can't just lay cement and go from there. Prettymuch like in Post 39 on here: I would lay some tarps and matching foliage, but if a disaster happens that takes out plant life (like in The Road), my little plot would be very noticeable. I'm looking for something of absolutely no value to hide my air filters, periscopes, etc. in. If concrete wasn't out of the question, I would make it look like an unfinished house foundation, and disguise my filters and such to look like pipes set into the concrete. I also don't want anything too inviting, otherwise you never know when other people might set up camp on what they think is just an empty field, leaving me to either be trapped until they leave, or cause a conflict. As far as terrain goes, the area has soil of dirt and sandy dirt, and is where the mountains meet the plains. Thank you for any help, as I'm a little stumped.
  2. pointd

    Camo Wraps

    Curious if anyone has experience working with camo vinyl wraps like these: