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  1. granted, switching the bags around is a pita, takes several minutes, but normally, weather doesn't change all that much, that fast. Normally, if it's below freezing, all the bags are one inside of the other, folded lengthwise and rolled up into a package the size of 2 one gallon paint cans. if it's too hot, the zippers let you open up the foot box or the top or the sides, to cool you off as needed. If it's buggy, then of course the bugnet bags and hammock are deployed as they normally would and the PEVA and Mylar bags will be utilized as rain-covers.
  2. the mylar and PEVA can be rain-tarps, the net-hammock can feed me if need be, the dropcloth bag is useful for summer nights that turn chilly. It's also a pad between me and the net hammock and between me and bugs trying to bite me thru the hammock. Since the bags have full zippers and can be laid out flat or worn as ponchos, they are pretty versatile, and it's all so light, compact, not effected by its getting wet, low-cost, usable with a fire or the sun. I really like it.
  3. and trapped air is what insulates you from the cold. I need to experiment more with my 'bags inside bags' shelter/sleep set up. It might be that I can be warmer with the bugnet bags and the net-hammock wadded-up between my dropcloth bag and the SOL mylar bivvy than with the netting wrapped around my legs and torso, under my clothing. It would certainly be a lot less hassle using them that way, than having to strip off my clothing to "wrap up".
  4. and 100 lbs each of dry pinto beans and jasmine rice. we'll rotate-out the rice and beans, the molasses keeps for 10 years, and we'll just toss the oil and replace it once a year. It's dirt cheap, has a ton of calories and fats that you'll not likely get in nature, Later, plant peanuts, sunflowers, soybeans. for their oil.
  5. nigh

    Four Tools for Survival

    give me my modified Crunch multitool, a couple of folding saw anda Dewalt saber saw metal cutting blades to be held in the visegrip of the Crunch and a Cold Steel shovel and a medium sized cold chisel. That's all I need. I'd make other handles for the Shovel, tho, 4 ft long, 2 ft long (for use as an axe) and a right angled, forked sapling handle, with a couple of holes thru the top of the blade, so I can lash it on at a right angle, so it can become an adze, hoe, or rake. The Crunch has been modified to have a regular, carbon steel blade, a couple of real Nicholson file blades, a gouge, a wood chisel, an awl, a hook/scoop knife. I tossed the Phillips blade and modified the flathead blades.
  6. nigh

    Ready made large cache?

    those two people better be pygmies, doing almost nothing, in warm weather, or they are going to run out of food WAY short of of 6 months, bro. As in 3 months short.
  7. nigh

    What About Leisure?

    sedatives, pen and pad, plastic bags in which to store my writing, more sedatives, lots of survival info on a kindle, more sedatives.
  8. nigh

    Reading Material In BOB?

    Kindle reader full of survival info, with a solar charger. spare one cached at the BOL.
  9. nigh

    My ultimate outdoors sidearm!

    I dont like making noise for small stuff. For chucks, coons, foxes, yotes etc, the 9mm does well, with Corbon 100 gr jhp's. They actually DO expand reliably in flesh, from 3" barrels. Not true of heavier, slower bullet types. 1350 fps, even from such a short barrel, and very reliable feeding, due to the powRball plastic ball in the HP cavity. I love them and the silly bastards quit making them!
  10. nigh

    My ultimate outdoors sidearm!

    I prefer my re-worked Beretta M21 .22lr pocket gun. With real, luminous sights, 3.5" of silencer, it's 9" OAL, 15 ozs, groups 2" at 25 yds and if I hold shut the slide, it's BB gun quiet. Its got a steel cap added to the top rear of the slide. This does three things. It adds metal to allow the dovetailing of a real rear side, it allows the fitting of an extractor and it retards the opening of the slide, which normally lets out way too much noise from the ejection port. The front sight is on the front end of the 'can". so it picks up another 3.5" of sight-radius. the trigger's overtravel is removed, so much so that it's SA only now. A longer PT22, one more shot magazine was fitted, the pop up barrel feature had to go, due to the extractor. The thumb safety was greatly extended forward, too. I pair it with a Sig P938 pocket 9mm, which has had a trigger stop and speed lever thumb safety added. The pair weigh nor more than your M18. I had one of those in 1974. I dont remember what I traded it for, but I had gotten out of full sized revolvers. I got out of snub noses by 1983, in favor of Star locked breech 380's, hot-loaded to 300 ft lbs. I had an original Cold DA in .45 Long colt, to which somebody had added Colt Python stocks and re-blued it. I added K38 Smith sights to it, shot it a bit and traded it for the M18. in one winter, 10,000rds of .22's, 2000 rds of .38' and lots of dryfire, I wore-loose the M18, a M19, a M60 and a 2" Kitgun. They all needed cylinder hands, so I dumped them. If you shoot and dryfire a revolver a lot, you need 3 of each type, and you'll need to know how to smith them. They are a pita.
  11. nigh

    Caliber pairing for survival

    This idea should have died with the advent of jacketed spitzer bullets. 130 years ago. and certainly should be dead now, 45 years after the advent of the .22lr conversion unit for the AR. There is zero reason to limit you rifle to 150 yds of effective range and that's what you do when you chamber it for a pistol cartrige. 223 ammo is 50% lighter than 230 gr .45 ball, guys and it easily snipes effectively to 1/4 mile, even with a 10.5" barrel. Since you can get a .22lr conversion unit for the AR-15 in 223, and the gun can be as light as 6 lbs, with a 3/4 lb silencer 1 lb of loaded 30 rd mag, and the 3/4 lb .22 unit, there is zero reason to not always have it either in hand or on your assault sling. A scope adds just one more lb. Frontiersmen kept 11 lb muzzleloaders at hand, with a possibles sack and powder horn. 2 more lbs. With night vision, night sights solar charger, concealed armor and passive IR scanner, and the above rifle and enough sense to stay underground during daytime, do you realize how much safer and more lethal you can be today than Danl Boone was, in his day? WtH would you lug around 20 rds to the lb .44 mag ammo, when 60 gr 223's are 35 rds to the lb and 60 gr Aquila subsonic .22 ammo is 100 rds to the lb, and the latter are BB gun quiet thru the .22 unit, 223 silencer, if you hold the .22 bolt shut with your off hand. The 4.5 lbs difference between a properly set up AR and the 13 lbs of muzzleloader means three 3o rd mags of 223 and 150 rds of .22lr can be carried. The frontiersman didn't have more than 50 shots with him. and all made noise, smoked hell out of things, required intensive cleaning and oiling, high risk of misfire, corrosion, etc.
  12. spiderholes there. you dont WANT any above ground structures at your BOL, even if you DO own the property, cause shtf will cause such places to be searched, repeatedly, by lots of armed, desperate people. Keep everything underground, put there and accessed only at night, without a light, without leaving any sign of your activity. Proper caching is a huge pita., especially of food, and especially vs bears. 39 of the lower 48 states have bears. I 200 lb black bear can flip over a 6" thick, 6 ft diameter concrete "lid' with one paw! I am not kidding. their strength is awesome. To make your food safe from a bear, you also have to pour 6" thick, 2 ft deep footings around your lid. taper and pin the edges, etc. All this makes it likely that some human will notice and they for SURE will steal all of your food (or they'll tell someone who will do so). I suggest that you just bury empty 15-20 gallon plastic food containers, EMPTY and have your food in a nearby rental storage. The buried drums should be in the woods close to the storage. the buried drums dont NEED to be close to your BOL. All that needs to be close to your BOL is a few buried (empty) buckets). You can then go get 10 gallons or so of food at any time, bring it to the BOl and cache it in those buckets. So all you have to do, the first night of shtf, using passive IR scanner and NVD goggle, is walk alongside of your bicycle, moving 100 lbs of food at a time, 1/4 mile or so from the storage to the woods. Get it ALL out of the storage facility, cause those places will be among those first hit by looters. If somebody gets in your way, or even comes close, kill them with your silenced .22. autorifle and subsonic ammo. You can't have them noticing you or your stuff. The next night, you can move your stuff actually into the buried drums and get it covered up, and move to where you actually intend to hang out. Have your spider holes there. at night, extend one or more of the holes into a horizontal tunnel, with just 1 ft of dirt over your head. This makes it easy to poke up a stick to check your direction and depth. A few little tubes will ensure you get air and light, too. You only need 10 yds of tunnel, and two vertical shafts/lids. Then if you detect dogs or men messing with one lide, you pop out of the other lid and kill them with the silenced .22. Some .22lr noisemakers on the lids let you sleep in peace.
  13. one year of college can mean an LPN license, and you'll be in demand at the VA nursing home, $18 an hour, anywhere in the US. another year in college will make you an RN, in demand at $25 an hour. either one, as a travel nurse, working overtime, can double their annual salary, that means 100k for an RN, 70k for an LPN. clear 2/3rds of that. so dont waste your time on 4 years of college, unpaid, taking out loans that you can't repay! put in a year, get your lpn, put in a year as an lpn, then get a year each training and working as an RN (living in an old minivan the entire 4 years) and you'll have 50k in the bank. There's a way to retire on 50k, if you know what to do with it. In fact, there's a way to do so on 20k, in certain parts of the US, at least.
  14. college loans. this is for half time. If you can pass full time, double that amount. It's very, very easy the first two years and there's cheap jr colleges everywhere, so your Pell grant pays your tuition and fees. Online classes can make you 4k a year of loans. Check out Cameron University in Lawton, OK and Panhandle State U in Goodwell, OK. online classes cost more per semester than on-campus classes. Out of state tuition gouges you, too, of course. But the first semester, you can go full time 2/3rds of the way thru, (NOT less, dont drop sooner) only bothering to get C's in half of the classes (easiest ones). they'll put you on academic probation and if you fail to pass all 4 of your classes, no more loans or grants until you complete a semester on your own money (3k) so, if you'll not study hard, only take half time classes the second semester. still, this = 9k in 8 months or less. You can easily find a decent old minivan for 2k and probably for 1.5 k. the interest is just 7% per year, and you dont have to start payments until 6 months after you quit (or flunk out) Only half of the loans are charging interest during classes. as long as you keep passing classes, you'll be able to get more loans. This can be strung out for 10 years at half time. If you drop before 2/3rds of the semester has passed, you'll owe the COLLEGE, at 18% and be unable to continue college anywhere. Wait the 12 weeks, man and you'll owe the Dept of Ed at 7% and they'll take $60 a month on 6k of loan, $120 a month on 12k of loans, etc. If you're not making payments, they'll take it out of your tax refund! You cannot get rid of student loans with a bankruptcy! BEWARE
  15. dont be seen packing around a huge amount of gear. People notice, including cops, or somebody will call the cops. Lots of stores wont let you in with a pack and you'll be handicapped finding a place to hide it, so that you can enter. especially if you're carrying a weapon, you do NOT want to attract attention, unless, that is, you've got a carry permit. Rent a storage place. 5x5 ft spots are typically just $35 a months. A dollar a day to secure your stuff and make you un-noticed? that's a bargain!