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  1. jackalope

    Ax or machete?

    Purely depends on location. I love me some machetes. I ALWAYS carry one one whole camping. But honestly it's nobly for the "tacti-cool" factor. In our environment the axe is king. After all machete/kukri are jungle tools mostly, not hard forest. But for most of what I do (brush clearing, light chopping, light splitting) the I find the machete gives me better control and generally cuts as well or better than a hatchet as I already stated. But I have and use both. I find the machete quite handy in the woods in the summer, and I take Helko hatchet with as well (for firewood mostly + it can be used as an improvised mini hammer).
  2. jackalope

    Making a Survival candle that is really useful

    Personally I think candles are a good thing to have in every kit and or bag you have, as you won't get much heat from a flashlight. I had to make something like this once, and even if I won't say it saved my life, but it did make my stay-at-garage-emergency-night much warmer. Also candles make great slow cookers too for small pots.
  3. jackalope

    What's your Go-To machete?

    Must admit, it's nice for clearing a campsite even in the midwest woods. Great for taking down ground cover and tall weeds under your hammock. I started with a Ka-bar Cutlass but used it mostly for cooking. Now I have a slightly different one, it's Ka-bar Combat Kukri (but it gets shape from it's older sibling, the one you've mentioned). Though sneath is not nearly as good as yours so I had to replace mine. But it's a hard use tool certainly - it's perfect for chopping, cutting brush and smaller trees. I've been thinking about getting Ontario SP8 machete to complete my collection. Or it won't be a big upgrade considering my current setup?
  4. jackalope

    What Would You Do?

    Well said. I guess it would be even harder, since hypothetical zombies are mindless and starving hoards of people are not. So I guess, barricading in the neighborhood would be suicide. Low down in a countryside, be stealthy and do not let in any innocent looking travelers as they probably going to take you down or turn into zombies.
  5. jackalope

    Introduction Thread

    Greetings, gents and ladies (in case there are any)! Thanks for letting me join, as I've been reading your forum for some time and finally decided to set up an account. Almighty google brought me here while I was doing my research (I'm starting my home preps). Certainly, I know the basics of survival, but as world is changing there's always a room for improvement, and that's why I came here - to learn. Funny thing, I guess it all started with Primitive Technologies channel DonDon mentioned above. That was a turning point for me :)