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  1. Hey Guys, I'm in need of advice from here. I live in Toronto. I was looking for a storage shed that I can use for my car storage. I am on a budget so I cannot afford wood. I don't have much idea about the type of shed used for car storage. I have enough space so size is not really an obstacle. I want it to last long. I found this provider offering various shed designs. So does anyone has any experience with such sheds, and which one would you choose? Also, any other recommendations would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey, I'm working in a college. Our pipes were leaky and we consulted plumbing services from nearby. They provided very poor services. For the last few days, the problem started, the pipes were leaky. We have a project exhibition next month. So it is important to repair it as early as possible. Students from different regions will be coming to this exhibition. Recently I saw an ad about this company offering commercial plumbing services. Does anyone know about these services in Toronto? If yes, please do share your experience.