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  1. so what? the point is that she's young enough to keep up with me. I'm a black belt and I pushed 500 lbs on the leg press 50x the other day, 2 sets., 25 reps eacy. She loves to shoot, trains hard, likes to pick up empty brass and reload. Casting with the 6 cavity molds is hard on her wrists, tho. She's petite. Soon her 9 year old daughter will be here and I'll start training her, too. I've saved their entire family, so my marriage is solid as a rock. They'd all disown her if she messed me over. It cost me 10k to get her here, 10k more to get her set up here and replace her income while she got going. She had a pretty good job there, and was the only reason her siblings and mother didn't starve to death. Now they are all set, because of me and her. Her sister has graduated from college, architecture, graphic arts and computer science, another is starting college. Once both have jobs overseas, the family is on easy street, and my wife doesn't have to pay for all of it, as she now is.
  2. then you're a moron. Likewise if you "think" people can't sneak up or drive up to your place at night and burn you out, or just snipe you during daylight hours. You're easily found, scores of people know about you and your place,and none of them are any more prepped than anyone else is.
  3. you're just jealous. :-) anyone can do whatever they want with their money. you just never had a woman pay you for ANYTHING you did for her, that's all.
  4. heyboi

    Tactical gears.

    if you have any brains, you aint out and about during daylight hours, post shtf, so the gear can look any way you want it to look, or however it does look for the price you can afford, etc. You shouldn't be concerned about blending in with anyone, cause you dont want to be out there with anybody looking at you. Everyone has eyes, not 1 in 100 have night vision capability.
  5. heyboi

    Simple shelter

    you can dig a spiderhole in a day, to include hiding the excavated dirt, and concealing the fiberglass cover that you hauled into the site. If somebody finds it, prior to shtf, they'll think nothing of it. If shtf, get into it and start tunneling horizontally. You can do 6 ft per day and hide the dirt. So, in a week, you can have another vertical shaft and lid, 30 ft away from the first. If you detect people or dogs messing with one lid, you pop out of the other and silently shoot them. A .22lr noisemaker at each lid will let you sleep in peace. For post shtf, while you are not occupying the tunnel, a surprise can be rigged to the lids, too. The vietcong lived in tunnels for 30 years. You can manage it for year, coming out only at night. By then, nearly everyone will be dead, making it much safer to do what you have to do (in daylight).
  6. if she pays you 100k cash in the 4 years before you divorce, and you've been smart enough to put every thing in the name of a Nevada corporation that she doesn't even know about (what you haven't just buried, as gold coins, that is) you have nothing to lose, really. This can be done twice before ICE wont let you repeat. You can use that money to build a ton of credit, and use it to create a lot of passive income, of you know what to do with it. You dont have to be a vet to get a VA home loan. You just have to KNOW a trustworthy vet. Your local VA hospital has an employment branch that will help you find such guys, and their home loan requires no down payment. In OK, big old houses can be had for 50k, converted into 8 small rooms, rented out for $125 a week each, one of which is free to your vet, along with 5k a year, for him to live there and manage the other tenants, under a "sober living" contract. About 10k to set this up, clear about 20k a year. Once you get 3 of them going, you can pay a management company to oversee your managers and you can live elsewhere, on your clear 50k a year. In the third world, half that much annual income lets you live like a king.
  7. I'd take a Cold Steel shovel, modified to have 8" of saw edge, a modified Crunch multitool, a 5 qt skillet with lid, the fishing kit (as 8 treblehooks, 4 of them being big ones, for wiring wolves and big cats to drag logs) the snarewire, one of Chief Aj's slingbows (most arrows featuring fluflu fletching and 4-tined fishing heads, the big roll of duct tape. If I was going to be on the sea coast, I'd take a sleeping bag ,but if not, I'd want the 3 lb block of salt. You've got to catch 600 lbs of fish in a month, and that means you'll have to preserve 150 lbs of fish. Dipping their flesh in a salty brine, before cold smoking them, will go a long ways towards preserving the dried fish.
  8. why a reaction instead of a listing of your gear choices? Many highly effective things can't be taken, like a gun, ENOUGH netting, steel traps, cable snares, water filter. Of the items possible, I'd take the 2 person cotton rope hammock, and the 12x12 tarp, and make netting out of both, as well as out of half of the 20x20 tarp. A 20x20 can be cut up to make 4 10x10's and they also give you a 10x10, so a couple of them is enough shelter. That leaves a 10x10 to be made into a poncho, chaps, cover for your seep well, water filter, etc. If another competitor outweighs you by 60 lbs (which is commonlyly the case) you have to find a way to eat 180,000 calories more than they do, or you can't beat them, unless they are foolish enough (like Fowler) to waste time and calories on doing un-needed things.
  9. heyboi

    Simple shelter

    primitive shelter, a small, low one, is a good idea for your fire, but they leak and take too much time/activity for covering your body, A hammock with a rain-fly is a lot more like what's needed, until you can get underground. If you've already got some spiderholes set up, one night's horizontal tunneling will get you a place to lay, a few more nights of such work and you'll have another lid that you can pop out of, if you detect men or dogs messing with your other lid. You can then put a silenced .22 into 3-4 of them before any others realize what's going on.
  10. heyboi

    Simple shelter

    give me a hole in the ground, for all but flood-prone areas. I worked out a very lw, compact shelter/sleep-kit that suffices otherwise. If you live in cold country, the only serious answer, if shtf, is to gtfo, where there's a year round growing season, taking non hybrid seeds, so you can use sprouts and root veggies, after getting thru the first 6 months of the pure hell that shtf is going to be. You can easily cover 100 miles per night on pavement with a bicycle and NVD goggles., or drift a raft 1000 miles in a month.
  11. heyboi

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    fresnel lense in wallet, Bic in pocket, matchcase round my neck, ferrorod, UCO lantern, and peanut lighter in a ziplock bag in the BOB. Beeswax candles only in the UCO. So far, it and the Bic are all I've ever needed.
  12. heyboi


    if you know what you're doing, the last thing you should spend money on or waste time traveling to is your own land. Since your stuff should be buried and accessed only at night, leaving no trace and showing no light, and you should be underground during daylight hours, it wont matter if there's a dozen people in the same sq mile of woods with you, cause they'll never know that you are there.
  13. I live near a military base, dozens of Filipinas here, almost all have been here over 5 years. Why does she not KNOW in her very soul that the day she betrays you is her last day on earth?
  14. heyboi

    Snap shooting an ar

    practice with either shoulder/eye, since it's stupid to fire right handed around the left side of cover, exposing your entire body to do so with a longarm. One thing that really helps is to V notch your luminous "normal range" wing of the rear sight. build up easily seen "wings" of acraglas epoxy. Darken them with layout blue, then marksalot pen ink. You can then use the gun very well even if you only have the use of one arm, carrying a kid, helping your wounded wife walk, etc.
  15. heyboi

    The One Gun Solution

    there is no one gun, cause you need a pistol that fits in a front pants pocket holster and you need a fighting rifle that offers a ..22lr conversion unit, a silencer, luminous iron sights, a scoped option, (see thru mount, QD, return to zero base, chromed chamber, dark, rust-resistant finish, a clear sightline over the silencer, takedown concealment in your pack, lw, which fires the GI Rd and can be handled well with just one arm. A shorty AR is the only gun that offers all those many requisites.