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    MILLITARY artifacts, collectibles. Bayonets, swords daggers knives.
    Old weapons.... Big bore Handguns & Hunting with them.
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  1. I always liked the contrast of buffalo, stag, or " legal Ivory", on a blued 1911 . You got your specs. well measured & micked, congrats on your project. I applaud the passion needed for the finishing & scrimshaw on a different material .
  2. Hi folks, glad to be here. I posted a thought or two prior to this, yesterday. I like stockpiling essentials, but limited space has me thinking of another shed out back. I got noticed already , surprisigly, and am grateful. I said a little bout my ammo making skills. ( stockpilling in moderate amounts.) Got a dog & a lady (evil princess) sharing my digs. Things are going better after my minor surgery, and then the Flu. Symptoms are about gone , on each. So I'll read some, before I get to lengthy here.
  3. Hi preppers & woodsmen , Just signed up from SW. Penna. Snowed about 4 -5 inches since last nite, no tracks , 'cept me and Postman. Loading some Pistol after I change my .308 dies . Just loaded a box of those 50 rounds 'o Hornady ELX. Read a few posts before joining. Interesting group of knowledgeable folks. Hoping to learn from ya'all....or as we say here "Yinz".